Friday, May 4, 2012


 The aftershock fashion show's dress code was dominant black and beige. It was perfect timing for me bring out my treasure-- this ribbed LBD. When it arrived, I first thought of having it cropped shorter to make it look like a typical bodycon dress (as it was in the catalogue but I guess I was extra short :P). Later I decided to keep it as it is. I liked how it fell just right above my knees-- kind of gives more sophistication than sexy. Did I make the right call? :)

Beret from Amazon (special thanks to shoppingpal Hana Uy :P )
Fringe Necklace from Forever21

I am proud to say I have fats now, thank you very much. I hope they're not too disturbing.
I worked hard to gain them! :))

True to the theme "aftershock".. this dress gives you-- just that. It's so prim and proper up front (with matching sequined beret and school girl satchel) for a real madamoiselle look, but it has a surprise spunk at the back! Whappak! :))

Dress from Stylestaple <3

and lastly to break the monotony and plain-ness (also especially causes it's summer), I splashed on some color. <3

Plus my fave trusted heels from Asianvogue, forever and ever present, shoot me. :>

My sister on the other hand came in beige with pastel accessories and nails.
She had her own aftershock touch too, her vintage looking dress (unreleased BLINDxx creations) is actually a deep V at the back all the way to the waist. She just wouldn't let me take outfit shots of her!

Loving my first colored satchel from Primal Rave

Thanks to Tiny Ensembles for these yummy accessories. They have a lot of summer-savvy bracelets and rings at reasonable prices!:)

Thanks to Rhett, Ninz' Schemberler (yes theres no such word) for lending his room for us to change in and stuff all our things. You're a savior and your rooms smells minty and divine.

Met up with 'someone' later that night after a looooong day of work- kids gathering-youth gathering-fashion show.
Good meal at Ila Puti to top off the day :> Sorry for the bad quality photo. hahaha. It was all we had then.

         Hey, if you ever see me out partying in the same dress, don't judge. HAHA. I can wear it forever and I will. Just because it's blogged doesn't mean it can't be overused!! #disclaimer :)) Aaaand that's about it! For those who haven't read about this fashion show, be sure to read about it here

Hype this look if you're pretty. Haha. :P
         Don't forget to check out BLINDxx' 10th collection this Sunday at 8:30PM!
Sundresses and bright pieces await. 
Here's a little sneak preview. See you guys? :)



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aftershock: The James Canete SS2012 Collection

One of the most talented people I met at my alma mater was James Canete. The story was that after our family's trusted makeup artist (Ronnie Matudan) was in the process of recovering from a stroke, I had to look for another perfect makeup artist for my sister's JS Prom and fingers pointed to this man's direction. I met him then, and the rest was delightful history.

I've always known James to be a multi-talented man and a hard worker. Aside from being awarded best thesis of his batch, he is one who still inserts bookings a few hours before milestone events like our graduation day. And well, he just has a feisty attitude I can't help but enjoy. That's why when he told me about his first very own fashion show-- I swore I wouldn't miss it.

Before this gets all too cheesy, let me keep my inner drama queen to myself and talk about the show.
Brace yourselves. Here are my favorites that night.

Photos by the talented Mark Lennin Degamo. 

Can I please steal the skirt and blazer on the left
This to me is so classy bec it has that edgy detail but still leaves the dress simple enough to draw attention and flatter the female bod
I love how this dress mixes geometry and print, extremely wearable too!
Obsessed with drape I am.
Designer James at the center

The event was held last April 28 at the Veranda of the JCenter Mall and I was lucky enough to be saved a seat along with my sister, Ninz. His collection was said to be inspired by the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 and Alexander McQueen's Fall Winter 2012 collection. Themed "Aftershock", the collection featured a pattern-heavy, texture-rich, avant-garde display revolving around an earth-tone spectrum. I wouldn't fail to mention the tingle brought about by details like the uniform clay baked necklaces, aftershocked-hair and intimidating makeup! :)

Other contributing designers were Josei Cuizon, Orville Biongcog, Van Dale Dela Bajan, Pinky Magalona & shoe designer Aia Tupas. 


First two photos below c/o my beloved 1up2down.

(L to R) Pinky Magalona, Bree Esplanada, Vandale Dela Bajaan, JM Jusay, James Cante, Jerrick Macasocol, Love Nunez, Shanida Maneja, and moi :>
Mmmm, I am in good company :P

Oh we love you, JC. Congratulations. <3

Watch out for the exhibit at JCenter coming soon! The collection will also be shot by 1up2down for an online catalogue, stay tuned. Update you guys, I shall. And to James, other contributing artists and the entire working committee and sponsors, congratulations for a short but kick-ass show! :)


My next post will be about my own aftershock outfit that night. Haha.
Idk why I'm laughing typing this.
Later, you guys!