Thursday, August 23, 2012

A rush of gold, A stroke of genius

Sometime in between my going-out ban last July, I found time to style for a good friend's S/S 2012 collection-- that of promising theatrical designer Jerrick Macasocol. I'm a believer of Jerrick. For a man, he seems to be so familar with the contours of the female body because his designs are some of the most form- flattering pieces I've seen. Also, his inclination to unlikely materials for creating something wearable and avant-garde (like paper, gluesticks, safety pins) is just, commendable. He's the first designer I've ever pulled out from when I started styling not so long ago. :)

But more than all these, Jerrick, just like the entire team behind this shoot (Ryle Young and the Maneja powecouple), is one really genuinely nice, passionate, down-to-earth-person-- now that\s something not so easy to find around a somewhat lofty industry, I swear.

Our work got featured on LIVE! Section on Sunstar last Aug 17, 2012. I'm grateful for this opportunity and once again, It's a pleasure and honor working with personally, some of the best in their craft; and every minute a joy working with people who are almost like family.

Here are the other photos, including those that weren't published.
I had 5 days to prepare for this shoot and the challenge I imposed on myself is to achieve a minimalist look so the designer's creation can just shine through. I had to think more about the feet to hair since I must cut back on my usual accessorizing/ layering/ diy-ing props. It had to be minimal but not deprived of that high fashion elegance. It was quite hard. :)) I've come to realize that in styling, It's harder to subtract than to add.

I think everyone from the model, mua, to the photographers did an amazing job. I can only hope I did them justice.Enjoy :)


Gold Rush
MSCSL S/S 2012

Designer: Jerrick Macasocol
Model: Diana Quartin
Photos: Dexter and Shanida Maneja of 1up2down Photography
Make-up: Ryle Young
Styling: Yours truly

                                                                  A little BTS video!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wendy.

Dear Wendy,

I've known you 16 years and we've been friends for over 13... but there are so many things I still don't get about you.. like how you enjoy touching my pinky and how you don't like me always taking photos of your pretty feet... how you can have the best dance hits blasting in your hyundai but will only ever dance (or taebo) to "tipsy" in PE class... how you can look like a million bucks in a 50peso dress.. and how you can be so insecure about the guys you date when you're almost perfect.

We are probably the most opposite girls in the world.. I'm tiny, you're tall... Im dark-skinned, you're white as paper... you think my type's too rugged, I think you're type is gay... you're a mad driver, I'm a student driver forever... you like flats, I dig heels... etc.. etc... I like to play hard, you like to take it easy and lucky...

It's funny that when you think about it, we've been thru so much together... being teacher's pet back in 4th grade (MAPE)... joined student council and even ran in the same party... formed an all-girl band and played "Zombie"... even seriously cougered together back in high school together (this I shamelessly say hahaha).

People may misinterpret  you A LOT, but that will never change how I see you-- one of the stronggest, spunkiest, most real, fun people on earth. I wish they can see what they're missing. I wish they can see before they judge.. but while they can't, know that no matter what, I'll always be here, ready to sneak and run out of the office to share a good cry in the car with you.. that and a lot more.

I love you till death do us part! Happy Birthday, Love.  Keep your head high, nails rhinestoned, and your hair golden. The best is yet to come for us.

forever and ever and ever and ever best friends. :( Here are some people who'll be happy to grow old together with you.


I wish you all the love and happiness you've always, always deserved,
Happy Birthday, goodnight. :)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Romeo and Juliet comes to Ayala Center Cebu!

The Ballet Center Presents Romeo and Juliet

One of the oldest and most active art organizations in Cebu will be celebrating the farewell performance of the International premier danseur Nicolas PacaƱa.  Ballet Center of Cebu, will be producing the full- length ballet masterpiece, “Romeo and Juliet” on August 24, 25, 31 and September 1 at the Onstage Cebu, Ayala Cinema One. 

“Nicolas deserves his swan song,” says co-artistic director of the Ballet Center, Gregory Aaron. Having known the world for his interpretations of the lead roles in the classics:  including; Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, and The Nutcracker, as well as a wealth of Balanchine, neo-classical and contemporary works, Nicolas worked with many of the world’s finest choreographers as premier danseur of The Honolulu City Ballet, the Boston Ballet and the Atlanta Ballet. 

Now on their 61st season, the Ballet Center and the rest of Cebu will bid adieu to decades of dancing and performing onstage by world renowned danseur Nicolas Pacana. “This is it!” says Nicolas. 

The Romeo and Juliet ballet, by Sergei Prokofiev based on Shakespeare's tragic love story one of the most spectacular achievements in the history of ballet, Prokofiev composed the music in 1935 for the Kirov Ballet. The incredible ballet score has inspired many great choreographers to try their hand at Shakespeare's story is meant for all audiences to enjoy.

Catch this exciting treat and more only at Cebu’s premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Ayala Center Cebu. For more information, contact Ayala Center Cebu Concierge at (032) 516-2035 or (032) 231-5342. You can also visit the website: or “like” the official Ayala Center Cebu on facebook ( for more details on upcoming shows and events.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Of gardens and good mornings

On a normal 7th day of the week, you will usually find me in a skirt, trousers, or a dress-- since I have work in the morning. I'd usually need something that can take me from work to sideline freelance meetings to dinner. But last saturday was no normal day.

August 10-- first day of review for most of us. To me, it was the first saturday when I had the complete liberty to wear shorts the whole day. Oh joy. This happy, breezy, pleasant-colored look matched my mood exactly.  Nothing beats letting your mood dictate your "ootd".. I remember coming to work a few days after this in a buttoned-to-the-top striped polo tucked in black jeans finished off with brown oxfords just because I woke up feeling strict, aloof, mad even. What about you, do you believe in dressing according to your mood or do you dress happy as a disguise on a down day? :)

Sorry for the poor photos, I poked and poked my "busy" brother to take a photo of me just right where he was before I crashed to bed. Before I slept I remember tweeting "Today. One of the few days I'm actually friends with myself." Believe me--- this is a rare phenomenon. and It feels.. amazing. :)

On to the outfit...

This really cute kimono was gifted by the really sweet (and funny) Guada of Thriftgasm. So many girls wanted this but she chose to give it to me. (I love you, Guads! :> ) It had been lying around in my closet and I've been wanting to wear it but didn't find perfect timing.. but that day, I didn't even think. It was calling me.

The top was something I got from what I'd like to call Vanessa's secret closet sale. This girl's my newest friend from CFB (Cebu fashion bloggers) and the time I got this top was the first time we met (haha) but I love her-- she's such a darling. Pun not intended but seems appropriate. haha.

Aaaand my shorts, these were my old galaxy shorts from my old post. I bleached them and I enjoyed so much how it turned out. Kind of artist-y. I also added studs to make it look different. 

So, all of the pieces Im wearing have stories to them. I guess it made the day a little more special too.
I hope you all wake up tomorrow the same way as I did! Happy Weekend! :)

kimono: Thriftgasm
shorts: DIY
scallop tank: topshop tank scored from Vanessa East
sunnies: Accessorize

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make Your Own Havaiianas 2012: Exclusive Launch

If there's one name that changed how the world viewed flip-flops, it's got to be Havaiianas. These pretty feet candies scream summer all year.

Last week, I was lucky to receive 2passes to the VIP launch for MYOH 2012  from Instylecebu. I was excited, Its like I was going to a slippers buffet. You get to choose everything-- from sole, to strap, to pin. I went with my sister Ninz. Here are photos from the event.

This is Carlo, my childhood friend, surprised to him being the senior assembler for the event. Let's just say he made the whole lining up extra easy for me and Ninz. :)) I'm not kidding, the lines were crazy!
My cute pair. My first colorful pair. Blue sole, pumpkin strap because I like that color combination and aviator pins for a cool factor. Also chose a happiness pin since choosing one will get you to donate to charity. I like that it has different pins on each side.

Ran into friends at the event, too. Jivah, Candice, and Ate Irish for CDN.
My sister chose a lime sole, matallic white strap, and soccer ball pin. Preppy, clean, and sporty. Cute huh? :)


Here's what I wore to the event. I chose to come in something colorful to match the festivity, but easy and casual enough to move around in. Ive waited 6months just to finally wear these bell bottoms by my good friend and budding designer Rockell dela Mered! :))

Crochet Vest: Blind Clothing
Missoni Print Bell Bottoms: Theodore and Fred
Heels: Well, you can't see them

Hype? :)

I later changed into my new pair of flops because I got tired of all the standing aaand because I couldn't wait to try them out! Thanks again to Kristine Roa and Jaja Rama of bigseed media for this treat! Congratulations, Havaiianas! :)