Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Archell Vergara x Blind Clothing

 I got invited to style for a shoot last Sunday by well- loved events and portrait photographer Archell Vergara, a good old friend and business partner. It was less than a week's notice but I was more than happy to abide. (Since I've always been curious to see him at work)

Whenever we meet, all we really do is eat, talk (he does 90% of that)  design shirts, brainstorm and run errands for Artteefacts.  So I thought It would be interesting to see him doing his thing.  It was also the first time I met our model, Archell's discovery: Zenny. This was her second/ third time to model but I think she has a natural flair in her, she's very low maintenance, fun, aaand she does her own make-up! :)) 

I like it when everyone gets along in shoots. Makes it more fun than it already is.
My assignment was kind of a US high street look, using a neutral color palette.
Pre-styled the morning before the shoot. Im not kidding. I'm not playing rock star, I'm just reaaaally busy with work lately. I hope I did okay. I'm pretty happy with it. What do you guys think? :))

It didn't take a day for Archell to upload the photos. (excited?) Here they are now.
Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it! :)

Evening shots taken with just 2 flash triggers and a cellphone. Woah.

Photographer: Archell Vergara
Model: Zenny Bulalaque
Stylist: Dawn Sy (Moi!)
Clothes: BLINDxx
Locale: San Agustin Heights

Check out Archell's Official Like Page here. :)
Felt like wearing something Shabby Chic that day.
(And unitentionally tribal)
Wearing Canvass boots from Aldo.
 Necklaces from Dawn Ong and WE Empire
Shirt dress from Blind Clothing. I made one sleeve of this oversized shirt dress fall freely off my shoulders (my fave laid back look) and wore sunnies that whole hot afternoon.
Thanks Tul, for sneaking in my outfit shot for the blog.
I look rather scary. :)))) Oh well.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The City of Dreams: A Photodiary

The City of Dreams

An old Chinese fishing boat as against Hongkong's new skyline
Floating Restaurant

food for their gods
faith in a different flavor

View from the peak

Breathtaking Victoria Harbor

Taken from the harbor. Hongkong City Lights.
Tale as old as time

Old as it can be

Neither one prepared, beauty and the beast.

Always, always, a disney girl.

To the music of Mulan's OST
Ayala Land, I said to myself after taking this shot across the temple
Brutalist Architecture. 

Industrial Design

Street food

where neon lights burn bright and urge to shop is painful to fight.

Street is an adjective.

What's better than travel is home

Where Yachts and Old Fishermen Boats meet
To see the world, one stamp at a time.


I hope you enjoyed my first mini photo- diary!
Glimpses of the Airport, Man Mo Temple, The Peak Tram, Old Fisherman's Village, Tinkerbell's Tower, Disneyland, Victoria Harbor, and the busy streets of Kowloon.
A weekend basked in tour guide information coupled with juicy local inside stories. 
Of Cuisine, Culture, Architecture. 
Of distinct Hongkong street fashion. 
Worked up feet, worn out lense.
All these, with the people who matter to me the most.


Monday, January 23, 2012

BLANC MAGAZINE steals the scene

Dawn <3 BLANC

Unveiling the Queen Issue is Cover Girl Bee Urgello
Amazing photo by Ray Anthony Reyes.

Cebu had always been known for its inclination towards the independent and under-ground. The Ubec music industry, film and movie industry, furniture, graphic shirt design--among others, have proved themselves dark horses to be reckoned with internationally. Last January 12, 2012, the growing force of fashion at the queen City just took a step forward as BLANC Magazine launched its queen issue at the parking lot of Yo.U Resto bar at One Mango, Cebu City. When I got this invite from Ate Marga (Jay Basiga from BLANC) I got too excited, I forgot that it was going to start past my weekday curfew: 11:00 PM. I just had to go!

"BLANC, as they would like to put it, is an online fashion and art magazine dedicated to the underground youth, the vague and the implicit. Put up together by Cebu’s most artistic and experimental young minds, BLANC is the unconventional probe of the Queen City’s distinct chronicles on the latest in fashion, androgyny, art culture and street style."

It is to me, a collective masterpiece of Cebu's  fashion- forward, highly experimental, and artistically impulsive, unconventional youth. Born of an all- gay powerhouse team, It is indeed androgyny, art, fashion, and culture bound together in an online glossy.

One of the highlights of the launch is "Abstraq" , a fashion show by some of Cebu's top young designers. Here are my favorite looks for the night:

I die.
(Two Photos Above by Toni Pino of Red Perfumed Shoes)
Avant-Garde design by Edward
(photo by Ray Anthony Reyes)

drool worthy designs that will make you cry! :))

Editor-in-chief Josei Cuizon.
(by Philip L.)
I love the whole event appeared to look like a road show with just the night sky, a trailer, a hung white cloth as projector screen, smoke and lights to complete the set. That and of course, the rampage of young, candid, vibrant, fashionable people in their street wear was the best adornment of all. I can't help but feel that our generation of fashion-lovers are slowly owning the times, evolving into a whole new breed of stylish Cebuanos each to their own.

It was such a triumphant night that the rain didn't even seem to matter. I was too happy to see friends from school and from the fashion blogging community, also happy to meet new ones. :)

With Ate Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream
(by Philip L)
Great capture by Mommy Shabs of Damn Vixen
Friends from CFB: L to R Shabs, Me, and finally able to meet the Gomezes and Maan
Cam-whoring much.
(Photos by Angeli and Jeemah.)
Happy to have met these three wonderful ladies from CFB.
I was seated behind them before the start of the show. Haha. Coincidence!
(grabbed from Ate Toni, middle)
Some of my favorite bloggers Yanyan of Bydetails, Eden of Chic in the Tropics, Marco of Phil Street Fashion
I just had to post it twice.  The only thing closest to an outfit shot I had that night. :))
(Thanks for this, Marco!)
Gotta love them Campbell-Inspired Asian Vogues.
(Philip L)

A lot of what comprises the BLANC team were my friends from cheer dance way back college. Friends and ate's I used to exchange smiles and jokes with in school and at "Rosedale". I can't help but be proud and inspired. :)

Congratulations to the BLANC Team and thank you for having us. I am so so proud of you guys for coming up with this. I am most looking forward to all your upcoming issues. To everyone, do check out this magazine. Not only is it highly informative, but it's delivered in the most creative ways possible. Stone me if you don't find yourself enjoying it. See it here. :)