Friday, August 30, 2013

Clear blue skies and creamy neutrals.


Clear blue skies, no work, some sun.  Last monday seemed like a perfect day and I needed an outfit that spelled "holiday". What comprises most of my holidays when not on a good beach vacation? Errands, a little chill time somewhere with great company/drinks/bites, and a little bit of work somewhere nice and pleasant to make me feel productive. That day specifically, I needed something rugged enough to let me run around to do my errands, pretty enough for a nice merienda date, but decent enough for a casual meeting. Outfit of choice? Jeans. You heard it.

When it comes to day looks, I like to keep it refreshingly minimal and as per usual, effortlessly chic. I threw on faded jeans (these are actually lightly stamped with flowers but you can't see them because my photos are too bright) and a semi-loose tank top for the ultimate laid back effect. Then I injected some feminine class into it by choosing the pastel and sequined kind. I just had to finished it up with white my new favorite pointed shoes and some gold and brown accessories here and there.

These days, this is all you'll ever see me in as far as arm party is concerned (okay maybe a little bit more but JUST a LITTLE BIT). I'm glad minimalism is back, I'm too tiny to over-accessorize and I hate fuss.

These jeans have been laying in my closet untouched for some time now because I've had hoarded better fitting ones. But that day, by some alien intervention, I just randomly pulled the pretty thing out, folded it up and began working my way around it. I really enjoyed how it turned out. Mommy/ boyfriend jeans are something I've never tried before, and this is my closest attempt so far. Haha.
  White pointy shoes took Spring Summer 13' by storm and I admit but I'm a little late but it took me so long to find the perfect one! This still doesn't fit me perfectly after inserting two damn corks inside but who cares, it's my favorite! I like how it took my slightly loose jeans to chic perfection. I can't imagine pairing it with anything else!

Nothing like pastels/ creamy neutrals, light colored jeans, and some white and gold for a perfect sunny day off! :)

That afternoon, we've finally finished making my logo and business cards for Atelier de Aurora, my architectural design firm in the making (where I'm a sole practitioner AND my only employee as of the moment. lol. baby steps, baby steps! ) next up on our list should be the more formal portfolio and the renovation of our tiny helpers bedroom turned into my temporary home office. Well, it's worth a shot. My fingers are crossed, intensely, and so are my arms, legs, feet, and, what else?

I hope everyone's having a dandy day! :)


Sequined Tank Top: Forever 21
Floral Jeans: Topshop
Ankle-strap heels: Fashioncookie Shoe Avenue
Sunnies: Dashdolls
Satchel: Mom's present from HK

If you're looking for a nice place to sip on tea and snack on sandwiches or pasta, try trading the coffee shops for Nice Things in the second floor of BTC. They have all you'll ever need-- wifi, lots of outlets, good food with reasonable prices, peace, and well, "nice things" for sale for your interior design needs.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

At a stand still.

Welcome to Forks!
Last Saturday was a gloomy day in Cebu and everything was at a standstill-- time, wind, me. I know my last post was a black and white feast yet again and this outfit is so plain it  probably isn't even worth blogging about but while I hate to bore you, it just felt like a "meh" kind of day. The kind where "wearing colored pieces to make you feel happy or make the day brighter" just doesn't seem effective.  Don't worry dear readers, colors have not left my system.

While I felt plain and passive, I was excited for meet-ups day. We were gonna personally hand pieces from our S|S 13 collection to those who ordered them online-- for the first time. Since I wanted to look decent for the people I was meeting that day, I wore this Blind Clothing original high slit skirt (still from the collection). Bias aside, it really did the job for me. Back when we were sampling this, we went through about 3 revisions just to get this profile right--shape, slit cut, garter! What I like about it is that even if you don't dress up much or accessorize much, and though it's so comfortable and easy to wear it's almost sinful, it WILL still make you standout. Subtly sexy, modern (not your usual slit) , but still decent and never screaming for attention. You know what they say "Keep it classy, never trashy, just a little nasty."  Lol. What the.  

Moving on.. :)

Inside one of the boxes
We decided to sort of match like twins. Hello to Ninz' new boots-- will be stealing you, I mean borrowing you soon, when my conscience allows it.

Ninz and her dates: study materials and mudshake

No eyeliner on a saturday-- how'd that happen? :))  Just BB cream, powder, brows and nude lipstick that day. Just mehhh.
Buddy caught up with us shortly after. Haha finally a photo of us in my blog, this rarely happens.
Me enjoying my new fave drink! It's a chocolate-mint smoothie (the menu said it had liquor but I can barely taste it and that's a good thing. It was just enough to give it a twist and omph)  You have to try this from Chocolatier!
Meet-ups done! Off we went to watch Mortal Instruments!
Oh Jace <3
Jace in my dreams and in my wallpaper!

Midriff top (So overused, how useful is this piece in my life!) : Topshop
Skirt: Blind Clothing (similar here)
Shoes: Fashion Cookie

Thanks to Ninz for taking photos of me on her iphone.

Thank You Bud for leaving my dslr thus the grainy photos. 
Haha. Just kidding :P

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Opposites Attract

 Opposites attract, they say.  To me it doesn't only apply with people but also in fashion: like how black with white is a classic favorite,  how tight looks great with loose. But more interestingly, how these dense leather pants can make a good match for my light linen beach top.

I couldn't believe how this Aga Mulach top (as we fondly call it, lol) has been a closet staple of mine for years now--to think, I just got it from my Pop's closet. I used to pair this top with washed denim/ printed/ombre/colored shorts, but today for the first time I tried something different and I like how relaxed but chic it turned out. I folded my leggings to make the look more casual--it is after all a holiday today. I think I'll wear this again on a weekend meeting someday. Seems like the type. Oh and I don't know if its age, but what took me so long to realize the beauty of a good office bag?

I've been contemplating lately about my true identity (OA. Fashion wise at least. Haha.) and realized just last night after going through a fashion book my Japanese client gave me, that I am most comfortable in laid back, effortless chic fashion. Ofcourse, that's with a hint of playful festival fashion (because I was once a bohemian kid, part of me will always be). I'm always so drawn to Rumi Neely, Kate Bosworth, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Palermo. So perhaps more of that in the coming days. Don't kill me for repeating adjectives then, I don't think I'll find find other words to describe it.

Today is a holiday where I'm from and on my itinerary was some light and easy work time in a coffee shop with the boyfriend. Leaving this coffee shop now (where I stayed in all afternoon) to grab dinner.

It was a good day.

Top: Tropical Relik (Dad's)
Leather Leggings: Blind Clothing
Heels: Nine West
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (Hi, mom.)
Earings: Forever21
Don't forget to check out Blind Clothing's newly launched SS13  collection here! Or simply see my older post to view it. :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

A-LIST: BLINDxx Creations SS13 (Official Lookbook)

If you read my last post, I'm sure you had this coming. Last week had been a very exciting week for us at local, online indie brand, Blind Clothing. We have just released our cut-and-sew line's spring-summer collection entitled: The A-List.  Hurray!! :)

The whole time we were developing this collection, we had the sophisticated, sexy, smart, confident, woman  in mind.  We were so happy that in the shooting of our look book---our model portrayed this so well. She really looked (and acted?) the part; a huge transformation from when we last shot her for in our A|W 2013 collection. Our HMUA and photographers also did an equally great job in bringing out out that "slightly spoiled young aristocrat" vibe (whilst making sure the clothes shine through) throughout the look book in consistent great quality. I'm always amazed at how a team of left-brained people can come in unison and create something beautiful and cohesive.  It's overwhelming (humbling even) being able to collaborate again with such talents, who, with their excellence in each of their fields, are able to bend a little and be good team players to meet your vision/ direction  :) 

Ladies and gents, may our team present to you,
Blind Creations S|S 2013:
The A-List.

We know that the whole fashion world is celebrating summer like it is in the other side of the world, while it's starting to rain here in the Philippines. So we at BLINDxx tried to bring you the best of both worlds. I mean honestly, who's over midriff tops? :)) So we give you fitted midriff tops in sets that come in thick, textured material. We made  semi- silky slip dresses and slit skirts so you have the perfect inner wear to match your bombers and blazers with, or pair  your sweaters with, and still look sexy.  These are pieces that are friendly but luxurious enough to take you from day to night-- from shopping with the girls to a big dinner party-- something you can wear out on a hot day, or layer with on a cold day (atleast in the tropics). 

This is a collection mainly pegged on chic luxe. With the influx of mass produced clothes coming into the market, this collection craves for:  good clothing structure and construction, and the subtle sexiness and elegance that understated but flattering shape and proportion gives the female body. It is a celebration of good print palettes, rich textures, and  sophisticated cuts.  

Good news is, we are now open for orders.
Shop our latest collection here. Enjoy! :) 

Photographers: Dexter and Shanida Maneja
Model: Christine Morrill
Styling, Creative Direction: Yours truly with Ninz Sy
All clothes by: Blind Clothing
With special thanks to:
The Chillage Urban Zone (location)

Thanks again to the team! x