Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Perfect Basic Cotton Shirt

Styles come and go but in terms of tops, none can quite compete with the comfort, versatility and timelessness of 2 things. First, A basic button down, and second, a plain V-necked shirt. While the former is my lazy girl go to staple because its a day to night- monday to sunday piece, In this post I will tackle the latter.

A good cotton shirt is the most comfortable top in the world, especially for temperate climates like the Philippines. It allows you to be totally mobile while keeping stylish and gives you room to have fun styling. It's no wonder it's the go to signature piece of designers, architects, off-duty models, and the like. 

You can wear it under a suit/ blazer on an expo, with trousers and a statement necklace to work,  denim shorts and gladiators on a hot summer day, or in my case, with a high-slit maxi skirt, wide-rimmed hat and stilettos. You will be surprised at how much you can actually need this piece when you have it. 

Sometime last year, us Cebu Fashion Bloggers were challenged to put together a look that will best showcase our personal styles using this shirt from Giordano and this what I came up with at the last minute: Subtly sexy but mostly just effortless, feminine, and classy.

Hands down, a basic v-shirt is the ultimate key piece to an off-duty look. But take note, for plain shirts, FIT is ALWAYS KEY. I like mine flattering but not tight, a little relaxed but not excessively oversized. So depending on your body type and personal aesthetic, find yours and discern well.

How would you style your V-neck cotton shirt? :)

Shirt: Giordano* Skirt: Blind Clothing* Heels: Charles and Keith* Hat: SM Ladies* Necklaces: Forever 21 * Watch: Skagen

Photo: Burtz Rolian
Hair & Make-up: Ava Celocia

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Best Foot Backward

Laid back, Under- accesosrized,  improper posture, unkempt do that can't exactly be called a choreographed bed head either, a little bit of sweat and smudge, denim Pants. This is how I was most of my college life.  Adulthood (and the climate) made me outgrow the denims and the norms of professional life have somehow changed the way I've presented myself.  

Putting her best foot forward.  
Once, a friend I just got to know, teased that this was how I was with him.
  "What's wrong with that?", slightly in denial, mildly confused whether to accept or to differ, frankly caught off-guard, I answered defensively. And then I realized, I always have my best foot forward. Nothing wrong with that (?) This was the standard of adulthood as I know it!

"Nothing, it's just that it's so.. safe. Safe is boring."  He said ever so bluntly.

"What's not boring?"  I challenged.

"It would be nice to see you with your guard down"

"....That's something you earn. " 

He gives that candid "makes sense" look. 
I victory dance inside. 

Months after this passing conversation happened, it still plays in my head and makes me laugh and wonder. Back when we were younger, important people-- professors, titas and such demanded our best behaviour. Now that we've grown up and have gotten used to that, some people wish to behold otherwise. We have grown to be very selective of the people we decide to be comfortable and "best foot backward" with that to some it becomes a novelty. Isn't it interesting, all this adulting.

I have to admit though. Friend has a point. Once in a while, it wouldn't hurt to come as you most naturally are and in your rawest state. In fact it can be liberating. In my case sadly, it's not always never pretty, but then again, genuine is always beautiful.

And Yes kids, mid 20's people can still wear ripped jeans and crop tops. :p

Mom Jeans: Blind Clothing
Mandals: Parisian

Photos by: Burtz Rolian