Friday, June 21, 2013

This is not a fashion blog.

No clothes. No OOTD's. Weird Title. Why.

Okay, how do I say this without boring you?  :))

This is not a fashion blog. Or atleast not just. When I put up this blog up as a fresh grad I made it clear to myself that I was running a design and fashion blog. It's not just a personal style archive but also a blog about multidisciplinary design, the areas of design that I'm particularly interested in. Infact, some of my earlier posts seriously reflected this. Like this and this. It was almost boring for those who are here for a light read and pretty pictures. I lost track months after graduation. Having broken away from 5years of bitter-sweet architorture and getting to wear something other than a uniform and run Blind Clothing, slowly gaining wonderful like-minded friends and a couple of supportive readers, I found sudden freedom in doing what I've always liked as a kid, and I just ran around the fashion circle like a mad man. In heels.

After having sworn to the architecture profession  last march, the conviction slowly (but harshly) started setting in and I've been feeling a hunger to use my 5-year education to do more. To give more. To be more.

This blog should be, more than anything, a reflection of that. I've been doubtful that I'd lose readers and interaction when I stay true to this blog's nature, especially when the writing gets lengthy like this one. Design is, face it, not as "relatable" as fashion. But then I thought, what good is a blog if I can't speak my own mind through it, right? :) 

So this is what I've been up to lately. Being a 3month-old architect, I've trying to set up my own private practice and thinking day and night about-- how to do that exactly; the name of my office, the design principles it should stand by, the things I should advocate for, how to gain momentum, the means to make it work etc.. that alongside listening to audio-books about financial management and e-books about professional practice. It is overwhelming and frightening. but it's also just as exciting. and nerve-racking. Those above are some of my works on product development, furniture contracts for a client.

Some of my favorites from our shipments.
(Not my design)

 Same framing system,  played up with a variety of weaving patterns made to compliment the cafe its intended for :)
(Not my design)

While trying to initiate my private practice and scout out projects I thought it would be wise to accept this gracious offer, this blessing, and do furniture design and product development.. to learn international standard, educate my taste, learn more about materials. After all, I am hoping to specialize in residential and hospitality design someday. By hospitality I mean hotel, resort, spa, retail, restaurants, bars and cafes. :)

So this is me now, what I do, and what my blog is all about. What do you think? Please say I'm not a hopeless case. :)) Do you know of any other design blogs out there? Hook me up! :)


*** All photos of the pieces in this post are no longger my/our intellectual property but for the client  we work for ***

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Worth It

I hope I didn't give out a melancholic hipster vibe on that one. Ninz and I just got carried away with the mood the view gave us that afternoon. :)) Take two!

I’m usually the type who would roll my eyes when I see a tiny plain black top that costs as much as a dress. Or say, a tiny sheer polo that costs as much as a skirt, or glasses and hats hat cost as much as an office bag. I always make it a point to get my money’s worth on everything. When I saw this and it was this and a white one versus a pair of sturdy acid washed jeggings, Ofcourse I’d pick…


“What is wrong with you, woman.” I thought to myself. I guess times have changed a little bit and I’ve realized the value a woman should invest in her closet basics, yes usually the plain ones that no one would think of “shopping”. Basics don’t uplift spirits like pastel sequined tops do. They don’t brighten up a girl’s day like sorbet skirts or graphic shirts do. In fact, you will find yourself staring blankly at it the minute you pull it out of the paper bag and into your closet right when you get home (Points to self). But these are pieces that you will, one time too often, be grateful you have. They go with anything, they take you from day to night, from park to work, they rarely go out of style, they can be pretty amazing at being either the main event of your outfit or the supporting cast.

Right now I’m having too much fun with this tiny thing that it scared me that it might get worn out too soon. You see the next time you bump into a pair of great fitting pair of khaki soft pants, flattering white jeans, a well made black bag, or a plain tiny top with a chic halter cut, don’t be too quick on putting it down.  Trust in your gut when it says you need it. It’ll be worth it!

Sorry for the photos. :))  Had no intention to take outfit photos that day but when we got to Crimson the view was just breath taking so we snapped a few quickly from a pad before heading out. We went straight to a soccer game at the grand stand after this feeling like a junior Victoria Beckham. :)))

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Blind Clothing
Spiked Flats: Parisian

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Water Gypsy


A day after my parents spent their weekend anniversary alone together at Crimson, the rest of the family caught up and joined their celebration. I took one of our samples (from Blind Creations, our cut and sew line) out for a try. Ninz and I like testing out our samples so that when we do release them, we can vouch for their wearability and comfort, and tell for ourselves that the clothes we make can actually make its wearers feel good. I had fun wearing its oriental pattern/palette, and especially the freeing silhouette. Clothes that feel somewhat sexy even if they don't hug at all are magical. 

This maxi dress is made of printed chiffon, with an overlapping V-cut draping at the front and with a V zip-up back. These, along with other designs will be released this June so please stay tuned for that. Thanks to Ninz, as usual, for taking my photos! :)

Slip Dress: Blind Creations S|S 2013


On a lighter note, Crimson Resort and Spa, ever since it opened, had been our family's favorite haven since it is most relaxing compared to all other resorts in Mactan, personally speaking; then again maybe it's just my personal bias for anything zen: from bamboo-wood-stone furnishes, white pebbles and woven furniture, citrus colored fabric, down to scented oils, orchids on towels, and anything eastern. I swear my future home will have a little bit (or a lot) of "Crimson" to it. 

Oh and, the chilled and scented towels served at the scorching hot beach front was brilliant. It was a fun day fooling around in a tiiiiiny private pool with 6 people (my entire family, can you imagine? haha!) and then bumming out at the beach with my siblings Ninz and Don. :) Summer in the Philippines is coming to a close. Are you ready to see less photos of the beach on your news feeds? I'm not, but oh well :))