Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tomato Time now ticking in Cebu!


Stylish, excellent- quality timepieces with great craftsmanship don’t come with affordable price tags.  True? Not anymore. Owning elegant and sophisticated looking watches at surprisingly affordable prices and impeccable quality is now everybody’s wish come true with TOMATO TIME!  This brand gives every individual of any lifestyle, status, gender, age, and taste preference fashionable watches at price points that start from P500 to P1,500 only.  We all want to be in fashion, but fashion keeps changing. Thus, to keep up, accessories should remain affordable. Elegance and Affordability is TOMATO TIME’S promise.

Tomato Time
just opened at the upper ground floor of Sm City Cebu. They provide a wide variety of watches that aim to suit the wearer’s personality and lifestyle with several lines of watches: 

Tomato Time Casual Timepieces
Tomato Time Corporate Watches
Wear Party/Fashion Tomato Time timepieces
Tomato Time’s Sporty watches

...and just recently, their newest line of young and fashionable watches, Tomato SWAP! 

Last July 20 was an extremely wet, rainy evening in the south side, but despite the weather, It also rained beats, food, booze, and colors (lots and lots of colors) in Mango Avenue at the loud launch of SWAP! 

SWAP is about expressing your style inside out! SWAP reflects your own individual style, personality and everyday moods! Whatever your interests or personality, there is a perfect SWAP watch for you!

 It’s so fun and easy to wear.  Here's how:

Just match any SWAP watchface with any SWAP strap of your choice. to match your mood and style for the day! Swap with your friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends and co-workers

Initially, SWAP silicone straps are available in 30 different colors and 22 exciting watchface designs that you can SWAP anyway you want!  but Every month, a new theme of exciting graphic watchface designs will be available.  From various themes and interests such as sports, movies, characters, superheroes, places and even fashion patterns. For the SWAP straps, a new batch of more fabulous colors will be available every quarter so you can keep updating your SWAP collection!

SWAP watchface are priced affordably at P500@ and SWAP silicone straps at P350@.  Available in limited supply are SWAP starter kits for P1,000 that come with 2 silicone straps and 1 watchface of your choice! 

SWAP! Watch Features:
Stainless steel case back
3atm water resistant
Hypoallergenic silicone strap
One year warranty
Japan-made mechanism

 Feel free to express yourself with SWAP, My Watch. My Way!  What are you waiting for?  Mag #SWAPkanaCebu !
Visit the Tomato Time kiosk now at the upper ground floor of SM City Cebu!
Participate in promos and be updated with what's new and hot with Tomato Time by following Tomato Time Cebu on the following social media accounts

Twitter: @tomatotimecebu
Instagram: @tomatotimecebu

Celebrities in the  SWAP! launch in Manila

 FROM L-R: David Guison, Seph Cham, Richard Poon, Team captain Jake Letts, celebrity hosts for Tomato Launch in Manila, Victor Basa, and The Philippine Volcanoes Team

 FROM L-R: Maxene Magalona, UAAP Women's Volleyball Stars, Ornusa Cadness, Lissa Kahayon, Divine Lee, Nicole Anderson, Laureen Uy, Patricipa Prieto. I love Nicole and Laureen's pair, peach straps with a gold head! :)

And here's us! I personally love how, with the right colors, it can look like a classy but fun sports watch. I got a classic black and white one. Am I boring or am I boring? :))
 Congratulations and welcome to Cebu, Tomato Time! Heaps of thanks to Ms. Jodie and Crinnovent Events and Productions (their PR and Events company partner) for having (and spoiling) us at the party and of course to Tomato Time for our new pairs! :)

Outfit Details:
Skirt: MCSCL by Jerrick Macasocol

 Many Thanks to Mr. Paul Gotiong for being so kind as to allowing me to use his photos from the event :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To the office, and down the streets.

We all know that the workplace requires clothes that aren't too fancy or flamboyant because these connote unprofessionalism. Structured, no non-sense, neatly-ironed, clean pieces are the absolute office go-to's and somewhat requisites for one to be taken seriously (especially young people!). One can always inject some fashionable fun, but never too much fun!

This has always been clear to me. My workplace does not require a dress code but impose it on myself to do so somehow, someway no matter how little, because it helps me work better. But what's a girl to do when she needs to be at work and in Kalsada Ph (Bjorn Manila's streetstyle movement, read about it by clicking the link) all in the same day? The possibilities are endless, challenging and fun. 

Here's my take:

Because of my usual snooze disease leading to mid-morning-cram, my quick savior were these hounds tooth pants. I don't know why but I feel like though this pattern is "fashionably fun", it's something the corporate world would honor. Is it just me? :)) I wore a cardigan instead of a blazer for a decent but more laid back effect, I made sure it was a printed one to make the look more interesting: pattern-on-pattern. I completed the look with my fave trusty and versatile heels from fashioncookie, they always solve my day to night dilemmas. I think yuppies should invest in fashionable pieces that are work-place friendly and in minimalist accessories that don't steal attention but rather supplement and compliment the look. This necklace from +-x/ is my current fave because it gives any outfit that extra omph and you can wear it with almost anything!

To give my outfit more street vibe for Kalsada, I wore a midriff  (which I concealed by closing my cardigan at work), would then don on some aviators, mess my hair up a bit and brush to the side, swipe some red lipstick, and voila! :)

Sadly though, very very sadly, work poured down unusually that day that I wasn't able to participate in Kalsada and meet Bjorn Manila with the other bloggers, but I'm sure my fellow CFB loves and everyone else from fashionable Cebu gave the hometown justice it deserved! I could only wish I was there to see it happening! :)

Have a good week, loves! Maybe I'll write more about corporate dressing soon for those who just graduated/ passed licensure exams, I need to relearn it myself too! Until then!


Another instagram moment turned into a quick blog post! 
Thank you, cellphone! and I miss you, DSLR.

Cardigan and Pants: Fashiondiary Cebu
Top: Topshop
Shoes: Fashioncookie Avenue
Necklace: Plusminustimesdivide
Bag: Mom's present from HK

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One of the boys.

I know, I know. I'm 23, a working professional and I should be going around in more decent, respectable pieces with collars on them and everything. This outfit is EXACTLY what my dad hates seeing me in, but is too awkward to tell me that he ends up telling mom and resorts to not speaking to me for the next 15 minutes. :)) Let's just say, he wants me to dress as if I'm going to run into a client any moment soon. Nothing midriff, nothing backless, nothing with holes on them. (But Pa...) That weekend, it seemed like a fine day for a complete dress down. First, I was far from home. I gatecrashed CDO to surprise a friend for his birthday and these photos were taken on a boat back from our short side trip to Camiguin Island. And two, I was with my girlfriends and good old college friends. With purely adventure trips, long roadtrips and beach on our hazy itinerary, a rugged pair of shorts seemed like a great idea :))

Nothing spells "one of the boys" better than denim shorts, canvass shoes, and baseball caps. The only thing that probably kept me looking feminine was my cropped top in substitute for a muscle tee/ band shirt. I let my hair loose, wore a few gold bracelets to tone down the black ones, and pearl earrings to pull me more to the seaside She-side. White and bleached denim are some of my favorite palettes for a laid-back, fresh vacation look. The classic red cap, I think, gave it an interesting contrast.

I owe this quick outfit post to Buddy, for bearing the shame with me and taking photos of me in the barge and of course my trusty cellphone, my savior for random instagram moments that turn into poorly-documented-but ain't-so-bad-blog posts.

Cropped Top: Topshop
Denim Shorts: Blind Clothing
Cap (with pretty corny text I must admit): Penshoppe

Hope you like it! :)
Here are some photos from my trip!

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Most of these are Instagram pictures, my quick fix.

The 730AM surprise at our new fave place, Missy Bonbon in Limketkai Mall. Zhen came from 630 mass with his mom and when he saw all 9 of us at his breakfast place, his face was priceless! :)) Ours was, well, sabog. We came straight from a 12 hr boat ride.

The Team ;)
Day 1: So after the surprise and birthday breakfast, Birthday boy (photo above) wanted to go straight to Camiguin Island so off we went! :) We toured around the island. Night came and we were all so sticky so we checked in and finally got to bathe! In a hot spring! Sooo good.  :)

Day 2: White Island. This paradise is a boat ride away from Camiguin. It is what it is, an island that's all sand bar and nothing else. Paradise! They say it sinks in the evening. Oohhh. 

After this we went back to the hot spring resort, swam some more, ate seafood for lunch (again), dropped by Camiguin's famous "Viola's halo-halo" (Zhen's fave back then) and got in a barge headed back to CDO (where the outfit shot above was taken from). We spent another 2 hrs on the road, toured around CDO city some more after dinner and not later, fell fast asleep.

 Day 3: White Water Rafting! A CDO trip is never complete without one! :)
Riding Rapids. Rowing and getting wet. Drowning. Exhilirating! Probably the most exciting day of my non-sports-inclined life! :)) After this, we shopped for pasalubong and went home that night.

One lovely weekend indeed. Happy Birthday again, Zhenny! <3