Monday, March 17, 2014

Practical Shopping 101

I never thought the day would come when I'd go gaga over plaid.
Don't get me wrong, plaid is great, I just didn't think it's a very me kind of pattern. It felt either too country or too Ivy league for my taste. But all thanks to Topshop and their irresistible shop display, that changed, and as of late I am now a believer. Talk about the power of suggestion!


Tight midi or knee-length skirts are closet must-haves for girls who are in their 20's as they can make you look fab both at work and at play depending on how you style them. What I wear to work in a decent corporate top and heels, I wore to "Eskina Food + Lifestyle Expo", styled in festival fashion using a midriff shirt, cut-out boots, and my trusty aviators. I especially love that this one in particular one has enough thickness, very stretchy, allowing me to move freely throughout the busy last day of the event since it involved inventory and booth set down (will talk about the event on my next post). Midi pencil skirts have a way of giving away one's womanly curves while staying conservatively classy.


Have you ever owned a piece that you didn't realize you needed until you saw one, got one, then it turned out to be an ultimate favorite? That's what happened with these pieces I'm wearing. Oh the things you find when you're not looking. :)  If there are top 3 skills I learned about shopping it's..

1.) Saving up and keeping an emergency fund; for when you run into something you really like, fits your body and personal style great, and can't do without. Do not settle for something less then what you really want because when you do find what you really want.. you might not have the money for it anymore, or you'll end up wasting the one you previously bought cause you'll end up not wanting to wear them anymore. Trust me, been there so many times. :))

2.) Don't buy on impulse but at the same time, trust your gut. I'm not saying take a month to decide but when it takes that much thinking to be sure then why not. I personally save a screen shot of the things I plan on getting. It's not tasking, it's actually fun. If I can't get over it, and find myself thinking about it every time I get out of the shower to change, I'd most likely get it after a few weeks. (like these boots!) Not all the things you think you need, you atcually need. Haha. However there will also be times when you walk into a shop and just know in your gut that your closet needs it (like this skirt) Trust your gut.  You know your closet best. 

3.) Look Around. Is there a new trend you're very in love with? Window shop. Make sure you get the best deals. It is after all, your hard earned dough. Store hop, or scan trust-worthy online shops and websites! Online shopping portal Zalora provides us with a one-stop shopping experience at the click of a button and even offer free shipping or cash on delivery. Plus they carry a wide range of stylish brands having reasonably-priced items.

4.) Moderation. Don't have too much of one style. Not even plaid. Haha. I used to love aztec print so much that I stocked up on too much of it. When the trend died, I was left with so much to useless clothes. If you're like me who hates seeing your closet filled with things you can't use then trust me on this one! The only thing you want to have a lot of are fun basics you can use and abuse and have fun styling, like this shirt. Not everything you buy has to be "memorable".. some are there to play the best supporting actress to your favorite bottoms and vice versa. These guys tend to stay in your closet longer too.


So there. Quick shopping tips since summer is fast approaching and surely you're all now looking to update our wardrobe,  ready for the intense summer heat. You'd want to do them in a fun but responsible way! So, yay for the most wonderful time of the year next to Christmas? Have a great week, everyone! :)


Top: Love Eleven Shop*** Skirt: Topshop***Cut-out boots: Tonic Bags and Shoes

Monday, March 10, 2014

Man Up.

It's monday again and its time for a new outfit post. I've been looking for a good pair of jumper shorts since forever but could not find any in my size, so when I accidentally saw this piece in my news feeds, I fought for it! Haha! (Girls will get what I mean). They aren't jumper shorts but pants aren't so bad. In fact, they're a a little less casual. Plus, this one from The Coterie is detachable, so it's double purpose! Cool, right? It is pretty risky sporting a jumper without getting stares but daring yourself to stand the stares and pulling off a boyish look (I like to call this the plumber look sans the tools in the pocket and the hard hat) and giving it just a slightly sexy feminine touch is part of the fun. The key tool to this is an understated top, a chic pair of heels, and some attitude. Accessorizing will just defeat the purpose and take away the basic beauty of the whole ensemble, atleast for the look I'm going for. What could be more beautifully basic than denim and white. I would love to try and pair this with a rolled up muscle tee sometime.


This was last2 weekend's outfit and while that was about 9 days  ago, somehow the photos convey my current mood at the moment. Weak smiles, tiny frowns, little smirks, sunsets, cloudy head, hair down, denim, my less chatty self and all things laid back if you get my drift. I just came from a 3-day bazaar/ exhibit called Eskina! where Blind Clothing participated and I'm either unable to get over it or still beat up from surviving the most exhausting (but exhilirating) weekend of my 2014, physically and emotionally I'd say.

I was thinking about the title of this post, but more than a title what came to me was a rhema. 

When you're afraid to try something outside your comfort zone and convenience.. Man up.
When you feel like you've made yourself emotionally vulnerable to someone you trust and they end up using it against you to feed their newly found ego.. Man up.
When you find it hard to get up in the morning to train or stay up late to work some more.. Man up.

I could go on and on.. but that would be ranting and I like to keep my sunset chill vibe.
Man up, girls. And Man up with poise.
Cheers in advance to an awesome week?

**Jumper: The Coterie**Shoes: Fashioncookie Shoe Avenue**Midriff: Topshop

Monday, March 3, 2014


If there's a kind of casual outfit my dad would approve of, it would probably look something like this. Haha. Those who know me, know for sure that in most saturday mornings and afternoons,  I like dressing for laziness comfort. That day was no different, I still went in something relaxed in the form of: a pair of sandals, skort, and a loose button-down. But don't you just have days when you feel so sloppy, that you feel a dire need to spruce up your outfit a bit just to feel better, more organized, more productive. It works for a lot of people, myself included. :)

To add a bit of classiness to my choices, my top had to have a collar (with a metal tip).. my bag and sandals with metallic touches, and my top and bottom in jewel colors.. Notice anything? Everything had to have either a metallic touch or jewel colors in them. These two are always a hit on my list, maybe it's my inner gypsy or my inner Princess Jasmine. ;) Seriously, there's something instantly sophisticated about them and I dig anything with a touch of oriental and anything regal.

 I went out of the house in white high-waist shorts but when I walked in Topshop, I couldn't resist how these size 0 skort looked absolutely snug on me and perfect on my current ensemble. And hey, they are plaid. Plaid is hot this season. So on me it went, yolo. Sorry, debit card. Lol. Added point? It reminded me of my current favorite Disney character, Maleficent.  The villain who's not really a villain but a symbol of women empowerment--- authority and fighting spirit.  (Can't wait for the movie this summer! Attaching trailer below just for the feels!) If she was younger, born at a different era, and was going to a morning meeting at a coffeeshop, I wonder if she'd wear something like this. Haha. Okay, not cool. Too many Disney Character name drops in one most. I am so giving myself away here.

I used to dislike skorts because they are too confusing and I don't know that they're good for-- they're not shorts but they're not a skirt either. However, I'm beginning to appreciate them now that they seem to be the perfect piece to resort to when you're not really at work/ at the office.. but still need to dress a bit formal somehow. Like this day when Ninz and I did some fabric-hunting for Blind Creations' Spring Summer collection and meet with our programmers for Blind Clothing's new upcoming project. *wink*

That's us that morning! :) To those who follow Blind Clothing, we're just about to make your online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable with the help of these two young and talented programmers. So stay tuned! 
Just a quick and candid post for this week. Have a great week, everyone. Hustle time.
 "Chins up, smiles on".


**Top: Forever 21** Skort: Topshop**Sandals: So Fab!**Bag: Parfois (Thanks, Bud! Haha!)