Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blind Creations: Clandestine

You thought I might have come to tell you stories of princes and castles but what you know not, is that stories chase and bite and haunt. 

 CLANDESTINE: Blind Creations A|W 2012.

The latest from our brand's cut-and-sew line is out now. It has been 2-3 months delayed but it's finally out.
Being the second and last for this year, this collection is like a recital of the young's most favorite trends from the year 2012: pastel, aztec, cut-out, sporty cut, ombre, and peplum rolled into four designs. It is inspired by duality, secrecy, and contradiction.  Spring in winter. Summer in Fall.  Chiffon skirts over sweaters. Dainty spandex dresses underneath trench coats. Pretty girls with secrets. Meek girls with alter egos.  Beauties with inner beasts. I believe in some way some time ago, we have all had our clandestine.

I have a tremendous team of young (no one over 23 haha!) people to be thankful for.  People who are very easy to work with but are extremely brilliant at what they do. People who endure for the sake of passion and adventure and art. I'm not kidding these people are dark horses Barbeth, Christine, Allyana, Jhely, Buddy.. It has been a pleasure working with these guys and I hope that if they're reading this, they tap themselves on the back and take a graceful bow as if I had some 500 people giving them a standing O as I roll out the credits below. :)

Model: Christine Morril
HMUA: Allyana Mae Racaza
Styling and Art Direction: Yours truly with Ninz Sy

Special thanks to:
Direction: Jhelvy Pabriga
Layout execution: Buddy Lim Ong
 (thanks bf for being my cs5 hands again :P )
Accessories: Tiny Ensembles
Roxy Salon 
Gio S. Pesodas of Mangga Studio

Don't forget to drop by our page! We're giving away any of the items above! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


When I had resigned from work for reviews (my arch'l apprenticeship program) early this month, I though i'd be able to blog more. Nothing is what it seems, apparently. With all the chores, reading, assorted freelance work, exercise, my blog has been quite lonely; but I couldn't complain, having 3 months having my time to myself is like a breath of fresh air to my lifestyle. Although it is pretty challenging in the areas of self-discipline, which I'm pretty bad at. (Such a struggle to wake up so early in the morning :( ) Best part is, I get to dress the way I want every single day. Haha. You would think it's a party, but I find myself dressing down a lot lately, like in this entry.

Here's what I wore on my way to a styling gig, the first ever time I styled a debutante besides my sister and my friends. I usually just do events and fashion shoots, this pre-event stint was new to me. It was a pre-debut pictorial and what our princess wanted was an all black- girls night out.

I did so much black-and-white pre-styling in the morning that I dressed myself with this bright and colorful aztec-printed midriff. I'm so much into these lately, they're just so feminine and easy to wear. I paired the canvass top with contrastingly flowy harem trousers because these are like, corporate pajamas and I had to look both mature for my debutante and comfortable enough to sustain hours of shooting. Needless to say, the footwear of choice were flats, because these are like, formal slippers as well. Haha. A satchel was in hand then but on the last minute, I resorted into this white crochet bag because it made the whole look fresh and laid back-- which seemed appropriate on that breezy and slightly gloomy afternoon.

Let me leave you with my favorite look from the shoot. I hope everyone's having a great semestral break/ halloween break! :)


Bubbles midriff** Blind Clothing trousers**Braids and Bonds Arm Candies**Flats from a bazaar

Makeup: Ryle Young
Photos: Shanida and Dexter Maneja of 1up2down
Hair: Jomer Arances
Styling: Yours Truly
Locale: The Private Room by Secanara Hands
Model: Khyra Baguia

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Linen and Lace

This photo is for those who tease that I always seem to put on a fiercey-pouty kind of look in my look book photos.
Suck on that! Sweet ang peg! :))

BLINDxx cropped top ** Accessorize Necklace**WE Empire Bracelets** Pierre Cardin Trousers**clutch from Chard

So for the first time since grade school, I wore a REAL cropped top and paired it with something lowrise. I ended up covering my belly with books while walking around but still having fun feeling funny while I was at it. :)) It also didn't help that I had two HUGE unplanned dinners that night-- monggolian with the boy and thai with the family. To make things even worse, I've been having allergies on the legs since my last post. As you can see, I opted for these linen trousers to cover up. I forgot the fact that it was linen... extra itchy against my already itchy skin. Too many wrong deciscions! I hate having to hurry while I'm dressing up in the morning. 

Since my neutral palette was so earth-toned, Le me decided to accessorize with a classic gold necklace instead of my usual boho trinkets to veer away from looking all too costume-y and shabby.  It's just relaxed and  organic in the right amounts. Even if the colors are almost a bore (no contrasts, no color pops) the details took center stage and kept it subtly interesting.. like this lace layer on my bandeau and the gold embellishments on the pants, highlighted by the neck piece. What do you think? :)

On another note, I've made updates on my blog, please please check it out and tell me your thoughts. I Compiled my photo journals and my styling works with links to the atcual posts so it's easier to follow through.  I've been waiting for ample time to overhaul this blog but I don't think that's going to happen so I'll just take it one upgrade at a time. I can't wait till the work is complete so it can be ready for give-aways and sponsors. So exciting! :)

Have a good week, bichasss! :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweet September Digs in ANTHILL!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Fellow shopawhorics, gurus of fashion, advocates of sustainability, and believers of Filipino ingenuity/culture, may I have your attention please.

You read correctly, friends. I got an email from one of the companies I admire and respect, Anthill, about their latest sale. Because I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the good news, I'm sharing it with you all. It went like this:


 ANTHILL paves the way and creates space for more local artisans. Soon, we will fill their shelves exclusively with the finest products showcasing ONLY Filipino art, culture, ingenuity and innovation by community artisans, design collaborators and young designers.

As we dig out to make room for the new, we want you to dig out through the premium pile of accessories, bags, clothes, shoes and decor from allover Asia at 20% off from September 15 – September 30. ANTHILL makesSeptember even sweeter as it also offers 10% off on special fabrics with limited cuts, vintage patterns and classic prints. Grab this chance to getahead on your Holiday shopping!

ANTHILL envisions a haven for fashion and the arts with a deep focus on
reviving Filipino and indigenous living traditions through empowering and
fueling the modern entrepreneurial spirit among its partner urban, rural
and indigenous community enterprises.

ANTHILL FABRIC GALLERY is located at Pedro Calomarde cor. Acacia St.
Gorordo Avenue, Lahug Cebu City, Philippines with store hours from 10:00
AM – 7:30 PM from Mondays to Saturdays.

Drop by Anthill this September for that much needed sweet sugar rush.
Dig in where culture meets style!


In the email was also an invite to come and check out the pieces they currently have in stock. You wouldn't be able to imagine the thrill I felt. I have long been curious what was behind that warehouse-looking structure with nothing but larger-than-life ants outside crawling through the walls alongside a really catchy name and logo.  Accompanied by their warm staff, I rummaged through the following interesting pieces:

Accessories that scream Island Life! Ahh, How I would want to play these up with a sleek, modern outfit. Interesting.

Oriental Jewelry boxes

Table Decors and wine baskets made of recycled newspaper
Scarves that the owners got from their trips abroad

Lots of pretty knits
Mod-organic Bibbs!
Oh, you should just go and see for yourself! You have until Saturday, Sept 29. So hurry! :)

 Learn more about anthill and the amazing things they do as social entrepreneurs at . Below are photos of their other collections that aren't on sale at the moment, each of them have heart-warming stories to tell-- stories which you can find in their official website.

My special thanks to princess ant Anya for the invite and fire ant Jackie for being so accomodating! :)

They will soon make shoes out of these and leather. I'm so excited!


bags from Vesti using Anthill fabric

Fabric weaved by our very own indegenous tribes

Vania Romoff's famous polyhemp piece
ipad cases and planners
great accent couch

Accessories in collaboration with Sepa

Friday, September 21, 2012

We'll get there someday.


I tried hiding in happy colors. You know, those days you wsh your day would magically turn as happy as the colors you're wearing. And it doesn't really. Well, atleast you looked nice. This day I wanted to wear somehing young and really relaxed (default saturday morning look) but not too dressed down. Beacuse If there's anything I didn't want to feel that day, it was unspecial.

The itinerary was review + casual dinner with cousins + hangout with girl friends last Saturday. And although, I had really good company throughout the day, the bad news I got that week still got the best of me. I dont know if it shows in my photos. I got over it somehow, now more graceful in defeat, and aware of myself.. what I can't do, what I want.


Crochet vest: Blind Clothing
I never realized how much of a staple a plain white crochet vest for a bohemian- enthusiast until I decided to keep this item to myself. It spruces up any outfit, gives it a boho touch, while keeping things fresh and classy. Not to mention, it makes sphagetti-strap dresses and cleavage- betraying tank extra decent when needed. Lol.

I also enjoyed making dad's vintage shades my pendant. Haha. Added cool factor.

shoes: thrift shop
I purposefully bought these shoes because they're rugged enough to go on a casual dinner date, yet since they have heels, you can never wear be underdressed.  In 2 inches, they're comfortable too.

I like how genuinely vintage it looks. I got while waiting to be picked up by my mom one night. Proud! *taps back

Tequila Sunrise Ombre shorts: OhMyDarling
I just love how interesting the colors are. I can almost eat them. The fit is great too.
I won't lie, I am so inlove with this trend. Although it's harder to find a pair for these (harder than printed, for me atleast) when you do, it's totally worth it.

You may have noticed how I always take outfit shots around the house. I'm still not brave enough to take them out in the streets. But I want to. Bloggers are about street style, after all. But here, I tried something new for you guys:

Tadaa! I know, It's an instagram shot and it doesnt count so much but atleast I tried. Haha.
It's a good start. Even this was hard. Thanks to Buddy for doing these shots with me :))

A simple tumblr-ish photo I made for you and for myself while writing this post. Keep those heads up and those shoes walking. Nothing's ever too far.
I hope I didn't make anyone sad while reading this. Haha. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! :)