Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready for Action

So my peg for this look is Jennifer Lopez in Anaconda, Olivia Wilde in Cowboys vs Aliens, Halle Berry in James Bond, and lady Jaye in G.I. Joe. Just Kidding! :)) It's funny how a tank or sando top (usually gray), aviators, and either unkempt hair or pony tails are always directors' favorites when it comes to girls in action films. This pair is totally fuss-free, perfect for action, and cartwheel-ready. Haha. I love how my new skull x stud shorts handmade by Tres Marias Online gave it a really cool bad-ass factor. I just had to pair it with a tank, boots, and just that!

I took a quick outfit picture on my phone just before heading out to join my cousins in San Rem last Saturday. SanRem had always been our hide-out since we were little. While we usually hibernate here for 3-5 days, I swear it was the shortest and most jam packed get-away I have ever been to in my life. Funny, Ninz and I still managed to shoot for Blind Clothing's April catalogue-- her as model and I as makeup artist, stylist, photographer-- in jammies. How glamorous. Here are a few mobile photos I took on the trip.

Soon as the family arrived from a 3-4 hr drive, we settled quickly and had "grilla dinna" with 4 other families. After doing dishes (did I mention dinner for 4 families?) us cousins bonded over drinks and some music by the pool. At 230 am, thanks to Jag, I showered and turned in. I don't get why people like Jagermeister. I'm not a drink kinda girl but, tequila is still quila for me.
Thanks to my very pushy dad, I got my aching body off bed at 8am to have breakfast and resumed to shoot with Ninz here on this natural back drop right after. A shoot run by a team of 2 girls on a hot beach is NOT easy! Don't even get me started with the pre-shoot and post-shoot "activities" like dragging a huge plastic bag of stock down to shore. We finished by noon. :)
After shooting, we just wanted to seek refuge at the sea but lunch was waiting. So after a real good sutukil lunch, we did not hesitate. This is me finishing up at around 3pm because we had to get ready to leave back for the city before sun down.

I always put pressure on my weekends.. that it always has to be epic enough to last the whole week. I couldn't figure out what I wanted until this weekend came. This is my ideal weekend after all. Fun, new, productive, action-filled, and jam-packed. :) 

Have a great week, everyone! x

Boots: Thrift Find

Friday, April 26, 2013

Morning Jog

The faux sporty look was something I've always wanted to try for my blog back when I was loaded with all the board exam shiznit. One holiday, in the spirit of joy, freedom, liberty,and all that--- I finally went for it as Ninz and I were gonna go cloth hunting for Blind Clothing's SS2013 cut-and-sew collection.

I was never the sporty type. The only sport I ever joined was uhm, dance sport and cheer dance if that's even a sport.  The only exercise I do is gym. I badminton and jog-- upon invitation (haha); so it was a fun and comfortable thing to wear except the cap would always get in the way of my vision and strangers would always seem to stare at my belly. Hahaha. I was laughing like heck when I looked at these photos Ninz took (about 3 of 8) near the SM Parking lot. It's so awkward getting photographed when people behind you and above you are staring. So much for taking outfit photos outside the house. Need to work on that. :))

So back to the outfit, those are my new favorite pair of summer shorts. It's white, fresh, studded and with a neon green drawstring that match my toe caps which you can't see because my photos are too white-washed. Haha. I pegged my entire look on these shorts, like I was going for a morning jog except with a cardigan instead of sweater and flats instead of sneaks to keep it realistic and a cap because the boyfriend doesn't wear one anymore. Next time, I want to try sweat pants out with heels. That's it, that's as sporty as it can get for me. Oh well. :))

Off to San Remegio now! Beach time with family! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! x

Cap: Vans (Buddy's hand-me-down hurray!)
Midriff: H&M (Props)
Shorts: Fashiondiary Cebu
Cardigan: Zara
Flats: Janilyn

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Of Skater Skirts and Vintage Tees

I'm starting to enjoy how I can dress how ever way I want in my work place. I used to feel like a slack- off not going to work in corporate attire but lately it's been too much fun looking like a boss on mondays and looking like a punk right the next day. It just stirs the whole design office feel up. :))

Anyway, On to the outfit. I have always HATED pretty skirts. (Oh no she didn't!) When I say pretty I mean skirts that are reminiscent of our childhood-- tutus, flouncy, a-lines, minis, name it! I just hated how it always makes me look more kiddy than I already am  (woosh petite girl issues out the window) but skater skirts, no matter how mainstream they are becoming have changed all of that. I suddenly feel like I'm out of my cave and reunited with all the other girls in the world who feel pretty in skirts that move with the wind. Haha. I can't wait to style this skirt in so many other ways! Getting hooked! 

Easy on me, I am new. And a little awkward. So I still had to pair up my new found love with classic  oxford shoes and my favorite new vintage tee to offset the femininity. I like that it then turned out to look a bit more relaxed and slightly rock and roll. Haha. What do you think? :)

Skirt: Bubbles
Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Gift from mom
Necklace: Middle East Section, Greenhills Bazaar

**I'm starting to get the hang of bringing a point-and-shoot camera instead of a dslr in my bag to take quick ootds. This way I'll get to post more often. I hope the photos aren't too crappy. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ocean Air. Salty Hair.

At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn't move hour to hour,
but moment to moment.

We live by the currents.
Plan by the tides.
Follow the sun.

At the beach,
Time you enjoy wasting
Is time never wasted.

Ocean Air.
Salty Hair.

 Peaceful Easter Afternoon at San Remegio, Cebu

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Kick-Off

In my first post of the year, I told you guys about the big triumph followed by a big heartbreak we wrestled with at BLINDxx. at the end of last year. After my board exams and a bit of recovery period months after, Ninz and I decided it's time we got back on track and use the theft incident as an inspiration for us to work better and harder.

So here, as unemotional as I wish to be about the whole thing, I'm baring my heart and soul to thank everyone who still came and dropped by our page last week. It was our kick-off for the year. More than just order forms, it meant all the joy in the world to us knowing that people were still around. Really! For those who didn't get to come, we were holding a clearance sale to clear out all our stocks and make room for new pieces (both BLINDxx picks and BLINDxx creations)--- a bigger, better (and more active) BLINDxx this 2013. I'm excited to show you guys everything we've been putting together to fill your closets with only classy, trendy, good quality apparel. You have no idea how far we go just to try and get you the best stuff. :)

If you haven't viewed our sale album, you can check it out here. There are a couple of items still available. Stay tuned and hope to see you all on our facebook page.  Also, follow us on instagram and twitter @blindxxclothing .

Until next time!<3

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Island Cruise Photodiary

Summer came early for me last February when I got back in Cebu from all the board exam fuss in Manila. My friends planned on a banca cruise and my arrival in the home town was just perfect timing. The beach, my friends (whom I haven’t been with in ages).. two of the best things in the world. I was first to arrive and you can just imagine how giddy I was as I watched everyone arrive in batches and get off their vehicles.

You know the drill: Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Lots of Pictures, Food, Wading, Music on board, Leisure Swimming, Afternoon naps on the boat, Sunsoaking (not too much though), and a whole lot of catching up. It was priceless.
These guys and I grew up in the same youth group and we called ourselves “Jamsesh” (I coined that since it was too long to say Jam Sessioners) because our friendship started with single guitar and a random jam session in a boat back to Cebu from a youth camp back in 2005, and we’ve been family since—we do volunteer work together thru Elim/Genrev, fight and argue (C'mon there are about 20 of us), go out and play or hang, and grow (in number) like family too. I know, I know that was a little too cheesy but come on. :)

Since this is a photodiary, I’m just gonna let all the photos do the talking. Luckily, we have a lot of camera- wielders in the bunch, spared me from doing a lot of work in this photo diary:
Maj and I on Canon, Julz on Pentax, Mic on Iphone.
(Raises Glass Coconut ) To Summer? To Summer! <3

Can you feel the high I felt that day? Haha.
I hope you enjoyed it! More summer photo diaries to come! :)
You too can book your own banca cruise here.

Outfit Post time! :)
Nothing fancy or frilly for beach this time. Light clothes you can split and cartwheel in work best for days when you intend to run wild. Hahaha. I happy kind of blue for my bottom, and a basic white polo for that chic factor and later changed into what I'd like to call my baywatch tank (red) which I bagged for 200php at Penshoppe. I think it was supposed to be a sleeping garment or something. Haha. I intentionally got one 2 sizes bigger and I'm sure you get why. ;)

Polo: Guess
Shorts: bobson
Baywatch Tank: Penshoppe
 Bandeau: City of Vintage