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Architectural Design/ Planning
Architectural Interiors
Bldg or Interior Remodelling/ Rennovation
Design Consultation
Architectural Documentation/ As-Built Documentation
Event/ Set/ Stage/ Production Design
Interior Styling for Product Shoots
Art Direction and Planning for shops and retail stores

I, along with a few partners also offer:
CAD Services (Schematics, Permit Drawings, Construction Documents)
Manual/ Digital 3d Modelling 
Manual/ Digital Rendering
Video Animation
Board Layouts/ Presentations

Furniture/ Accessory Contract Services
Furniture Design and Construction
Product Development 
Furniture Customization

Photoshoot Styling
Engagement Sessions
Pre-Debut Photo Shoot
Magazine Editorials  
Brand/ Designer Look books
Advertising Shoots

Beginning with initial consultation by email or in person, we will discuss the theme of the shoot, the location, models, and your other special requests. I'm also responsible for bringing  the appropriate clothes and accessories to the shoot, dressing and styling the models and returning the clothes.
For brands and designers, I put together looks that will help you communicate your branding and image.

Fashion Shoot Organization/ Art Direction
This involves the previous service along with coordination of the entire photoshoot from start to finish, this means I will be responsible for selecting the photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, models and coordinating between the various people involved.

(Music) Video/ Television/ Celebrity Styling
This service is ideal for local artists/personalities needing help to build up their image in terms of style.  We would discuss your needs, desires and ideas. Then, I'll assist you in locating sponsors and help you put together looks for important public events.  

Event Styling
This is a one time service. We will discuss the look you want, what suits you best, what suits the event, shop these together or we can raid your closet to see what you can work with or what you need to acquire. I'll think of everything for you-- from hair and makeup down to clothes, clutch, shoes, even your nail polish!

Wardrobe Consultation 
Personal Style/ Image Consultation
We will discuss your lifestyle, fashion and beauty likes and dislikes. We will discuss which colors suit your skin tone and which styles of clothing are best for your body shape and lifestyle.  We will then go through your entire wardrobe and sort your clothes into different piles – items to keep, items needing altering or fixing and items to give away or get rid of.  We will then further sort out the pile of items to keep into different piles - day outfits, work outfits, evening outfits, party outfits. I will show you different ways to wear and combine different pieces so as to be able to wear the same item in many different ways. We will also discuss what accessories to use with the different outfits. We will also identify which key pieces are missing from your wardrobe and where these can be sourced from.  

*This can range from 1 session of 4 hours to a full program depending on what you prefer.  We can also proceed to the next service below.

Personal Shopping Service
Does shopping stress you out ? Do you feel like you never have anything to wear but in reality you empty half your big closet looking for something to wear only to just sit in despair amongst a pile of clothes? With your budget, needs and preferences in mind, we will visit different types of stores and attempt to locate all that you need. I will also show you some shopping tips and tricks and how to be an efficient, knowledgeable shopper. I will of course also advise you on each potential purchase and how different things can be worn together and also how new purchases could be incorporated into your existing wardrobe. 

Artistic Collaborations
Got an idea? let's make it happen. I'm always open to creative artists who wish to collaborate!

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