Monday, November 28, 2011

Earth-tones and closet basics

Top: Forever21
Ethnic printed dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Muy and Forever 21
Neckalce: Tiny Ensembles
Satchel: from Wendy
Hippie band: from Ate Jan
Wrist bands: Everywhere

So that's me last Sunday, feeling bright and happy as the colors that I chose show. I'm wearing earth tones too, which is great for morena skin. 

Whenever I shop, I always look for dresses and bottoms, not tops. I always tend to feel that if I'd have to spend,I'd rather go for something edgy. That basic tops are not worth my buck. It even shows in the clothes I choose for BLINDxx. I was happy, until I arranged my closet just recently and realized, wow, topless.  (not like that) 

I was seriously running out, and I even had more bottoms! That's why when the ever famous f21 opened last week, I scanned for basics.  Quality tops can go a long way, especially basics. You can transform it street casual to smart casual to sunday's best to corporate and vice versa, you can do wonders and you can over-use it, it all boils down to how you style it. I have a bias for loose tops. 

Realization! It's always easy to get seduced by pretty clothes on boutique racks, but the next time you decide on a wardrobe change, honestly evaluate honestly your lifestyle. In my case, I'm 60% work, 15% day casual, 15 %  Sunday, 10% Party/ Event/ Statement Pieces. So my closet will have to reflect that. Remember, just because it's basic and easy to wear wear doesn't mean it can't get trendy and explosive! ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In loving memory of washday

Hat: SM Dept Store
Loose Shirt: Promod
Faded Floral Jeans: Topshop
Clogs: Parisian
Satchel: thrift find

Wow. How long has it been since I wore denim jeans?  I'm pretty sure it was on a wash day when I was yet a student. *cue: long sigh* Nothing is more trust-worthy than a pair of good jeans when you're a college kid, but not in my case those last few months of college. Why? Well, first becasue since thesis I've lost so much weight that none of it fits me already; second: trousers and light weight dhoti and harem pants are just breezier to wear; and third: since March, my work place requires me to wear something corporate or anything not rugged at least.

I wore this to a supposed job interview with an architecture firm. You see, unlike other offices, 70 % of workers in arki firms wear rugged, casual, comfortable clothes since they are often thrown onsite, and yes becasue you are supposed to dress as you are to encourage creative environment. So, that day, to blend in, I wore jeans. YEAY. Do I look alright in them? :))  Wore these clogs coz I just had to have some tinsy winsy bit of edginess or I'll die. These clogs are extremely comfortable too, just requires balance. :D Plus, I love the height it gives me.

Even bigger news, I have finally resigned from Ayala Land, and offcially starting next week, I'll be working for  my dean's architecture firm. You know what this means? More jeans. :)) I've been going around looking for cute rubber shoes too, the last time I owned one was way back P.E. 13 class! haha. CLOSET OVERHAUL. I'll be missing my polos, skirts, and blazers. Any advice on how to look chic while being extremely comfortable and casual?:)) Oh boy. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 21, 2011

BLINDxx loves Trappings Cebu

 I first laid my eyes on Trappings accessories last July 2011 at the launching of their denim collection: Azul.
Ever since then, I have been constantly aware of their existence! I visit them at the maze when I'm around Ayala Center or I check their page for new pieces. Last October, Ms Mabel Paredes, owner, designer and creative director behind Trappings, along with her sister Ms Mimi Sampang, agreed to grace BLINDxx' shoot with her beautiful pieces. 

I eyed on Trappings because I was deeply entertained by the way that in their last collection, they showcased denim into an edgy, intricate, contemporary piece of accessory. And why not? Everybody knows denim, it's something familiar to everyone and yet apparently understated. I'm not even a huge denim fan but when I saw it, I wanted it. The way they played with the material is hands down innovative.

More than just the denim, what I love about Trappings is variety: there's one for the edgy, outrageous, androgynous, classic, preppy, vintage, name it. It's not something you need an occassion to wear. Especially not something you see at random bazaars and see everyone wearing because each piece is hand-crafted, no two designs alike, read: no mass production. So what you buy, is solely yours. When you look at a piece, you'll know its a work of art. You feel the effort and love invested in every single Trappings original. The prices are very reasonable too!

Here are a few shots that the Kimochi project took especially for Trappings during our shoot.
Not all of it are from their latest set Azul, some are from previous collections. as we needed variety to fit our concept.
Click here if you want to know more about our collaboration: Royal Becoming! :)

photos: the kimochi project
hair & make-up: Nina of A.Label Salon
 models: Sofia and Nika Miranda
styling: Dawn and Ninz Sy
clothes: Blind Clothing

Do visit them at The Maze, 2nd Level, Ayala Center Cebu or add them up here.
 Thank You, Trappings! :)

Royal Becoming BTS

Hello, everyone! :) My blog is finally fixed! hurray! My previous post on Royal Becoming's BTS got deleted so here I'm posting photos for those who didn't get to see. Also because I think this deserves a whole blog entry because I'm so happy about how it turned out. :)

Photgraphed by: Julz Benabaye and the kimochi project
Styling: Dawn and Ninz Sy
Make Up: Nina, A.Label Salon
Accessories: Trappings Cebu
Furniture Set: Z.Point Furniture

Locale: Cinematic Studios, Makati.
Sweet Place!

Decided to wear something very BLIND-ish for the shoot if you know what I mean?
When in a shoot, I realized you've got to wear something you feel great in but still feel super comfortable working in.

Blazer: BLINDxx
Corset: Promod
Shorts: Levis
Boots: Julz'

Set and props by the Kimochi Project

Fotografu Julz Benabaye of the Kimochi Project

Hair and Make-up by Nina of A Label Salon

Accessories by Trappings Cebu

modelled by Sofia and Nika Miranda

So last October, we flew to Manila for a conference and part of our pre-conference agenda was to shoot for Blind Clothing's 6th Batch, our half-a-year anniversary! It was launched last November 8. We're so blessed to have a great team who make working unbelievably fun and crazy. It was fun-packed right from the online meetings, down to the 3AM drive home. 

Ping and Nik, the gorgeous Miranda sisters, thanks for doing this with us despite your class schedule that day. We hope Nika's assignment went out well the following morning. :)) Weren't they just perfect for the concept, you guys? To our left-brained partners who I mentioned above who made magic with their hands, thank you :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this set we prepared all for you. Thanks to everyone who "liked", appreciated our work of art. You inspire us to work even harder. Check the official set below, or visit us at facebook or our official page ! :)