Monday, June 13, 2011

SPRING FLING: practice shoot/mock editorial

PHOTOS: Dawn and Ninz Sy (Sy||Saw)
STYLING: Dawn Sy assisted by Ninz Sy
MAKE-UP (if any haha) : Dawn Sy
MODEL: Chiara Mendoza

Gleaming sun starbursts blind in my eyes
In a field of orange poppies you and I
Frolic voluptuous rolling hills
And for those sweet hours I swear time stood still
Backtrack! So mommy and pappy surprised Ninz and I with a Canon 550d after graduation. I'll never get tired of telling this story. On the day my sister Ninz and I were supposed to go and have our beach- breather at Crimson, we woke up to a camera bag with a red ribbon that we never took out until today   and a card that said:

To our little girls,

We saved up for something both of you have always wanted. we pray that you will take care of this camera as you use it to document milestones in your life, miracles from the Lord, and works for the Lord. Use it to store memories that you'll treasure forever.

Enjoy your beach breather and mark it with fun, lots of laughter and overflowing with thanksgiving.

We love you dearly!

Mommy and Pappy

This camera came with a book that they won in a raffle.
 It comes when you buy something from the store. It was the grand prize. 

I especially loved their letter. Its the sweetest present I've ever received. To me, It was more than just a toy/ gadget/ tool. It was like a sign of loving support and encouragement, a message that they'll be cheering us on as we go and pursue the things we are passionate about. :)


We thought of "practicing" a little bit so we could do this camera some justice. 
So instantly we planned to do an exercise shoot, a mock editorial (also to rehearse for BLINDxx since none of us had professional styling experience we could use for the store). Our model? Chiara, because she's my cousin and she'll do anything for me! Haha! We wanted to think of a concept that would match our location (the vacant lot fronting their house), Chiara's personality, the expressions she's comfortable with, and lastly most of the clothes in my cabinet! :))

Chiara is a sweet pretty pixie, she always looks cute at pictures but she never got to model, not even unprofessionally, but she did an amazing job. it shocked us all. This was a two hour shoot, with three outfits. I brought along my outfits too just for look book shots, turned out I became one of Chiara's human props. haha. I've been told to get a look book account (ayeeee i wont pretend Im not flattered) but I guess I never will be able to, I just can't pose / project well, my life style is just not lookbook material  and I barely have time. Oh those Look book girls are just love. <3

It was a fun afternoon. We slept over and the fun went on all night long! Here are photos from the shoot. Being the noob that I am, I used Picasa to post process the photos (thanks to Buddy for teaching me some photoshop hereafter!) I think we pulled off a pretty good job as first-timers. What do you think? :)


You know what they say, just because you own a DSLR, doesn't mean you're a photographer. :)) Hindi porke't may DSLR ka, photographer ka na--- I actually liked this page on facebook. haha. Its just so true and funny and mean.
 I'm no photographer, but I do love my work because It's in ways like these I get to tell stories and communicate how I feel. 

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