Friday, March 8, 2013

OSCARS 2013: My 8 Best- Dressed

I'm not a hollywood fanatic, certainly not the type who'd hold a slumber party just to watch the oscars or the grammys first hand... but when you're preparing to dress up for a formal event (not red-carpet but just as important!), that changes things.  I decided to gaze at the stars as they graced the red carpet just to test and educate my taste.  After all, it can come in handy the next time my mom demands asks me to style her for another media event. :))

I'm compiling a top 7  list of my favorite looks for you.
Enjoy! :)

**these awesome photos are grabbed from the internet. Mostly from for reference purposes. No copyright infringement intended.**

1. Charlize Theron


Dior Haute Couture Gown

In one word, Theron is white-hot! From the wicked witch in black and an up do, this look is 180 degrees different. This perfectly structured dress and that fierce do is the ultimate example of minimalism. The silhouette, to die for. Saying so much with so little. And yes, peplum has never looked this good!

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Best Actress, Silver Linings Playbook
 Dior Haute Couture Gown

The girl on fire looking nothing like her Hunger Games Self. In the borderline of being bridal, the styling here is obviously crucial. I think that with the accessories, makeup, and pulled back hair, they managed to pull-off a head turning overall look that's soft, fresh, divine and just right for her age and far from prom-y. 

3. Anne Hathaway

Best Supporting Actress, Les Miserables

 Prada Dress

Props to Anne for successfully veering away from her sexy image and going for a a very classy and statuesque look, thanks to Prada. According to an interview, she's had a lot of choices but at the very last minute, this dress spoke to her the most. Hair-choker (especially her Tiffany choker)-makeup-dress--perfectly cohesive. Some say her dress almost looks like an apron upfront, but hey you simply cannot hate a powder pink tailored gown with a dainty-sexy back detail on glowing Ms Hathaway. Can not!

4. Jessica Chastain

 Best Actress nominee, zero dark thirty
Armani Prive dress

When you think of old hollywood glamour, you'd think red lipstick, white or black dress and signature old holly wood curls. Jessica is a stand out in this copper- red ensemble that's very well put together. I love that this look pulls you to her in the dress, not how lovely the dress is per se. And the red lipstick as sole contrast in this palette worked like magic. Star power, check.

5. Amanda Seyfried

Performer, Les Miserbales
 Alexander McQueen Gown

Did she really look nice or am I biased because I love Amanda? She looks like a crystal figurine! In a sea of strapless dresses, I think she stood out in this halter Mcqueen that's delicately detailed and every bit elegant. (That's the word) Hair and makeup-- complimenting the whole look. How do they manage to look so.. what's the word.. glorious in barely there makeup?

6. Samantha Barks

Performer, Les Miserables
 Valentino dress

I loved her in the movie but I didn't expect her to look like THIS. The performer has really stolen hearts in a black dress that's all about shape.  Her necklace adding the necessary detail in the barely adorned ensemble. That, and just that. Hot, hot, hot. Boy, do we have a dark horse.

7. Naomi Watts

Best Actress Nominee, The Impossible
 Armani Prive Gown

Among all the dresses, this is the least I would want for myself, but I had to include it because it had every bit of awards night written all over it. The cut and shape is futuristic and avant-garde, her dress extremely metallic but nothing short of high fashion. It lowered her age by centuries!

So there you have it, folks! Summary? Next time you're heading to a special event, why not peg your look on these. It takes months and an army to get one celebrity's look together, luckily we get to sit back and learn a thing or two as we watch. 

My vote for best designer this year should go to Dior! Who's your red carpet favorite this year and why? I'd love to hear them!  In my next post, I'll try and write about Top 8 time saver tips on getting dressed for events! Until then! :)



  1. Everything about Jennifer Lawrence is perfect to me!! :)

    1. I am so inlove with her! I love Charlize's look but If I could be biased I'd put J. Law on first place :))

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Loving the new blog, sissy ;) Was reading the post after this (oath-taking) and I saw this, I agree with your top7! Well, maybe not the entire order :D

    P.S. Did you know that Anne was supposed to wear a Valentino dress but she switched 3hrs before the red carpet because she and Amanda had similar dresses? Talk about worse nightmare!


    1. Thanks, Julzy! :)Haha, It was hard trying to rank them but I'm glad we agree on the set :))

      I knew she switched last minute cos it "spoke to her" but I didn't know it was because of Seyfried! Hahaha wouldve been a complete disaster! :))


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