Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To the office, and down the streets.

We all know that the workplace requires clothes that aren't too fancy or flamboyant because these connote unprofessionalism. Structured, no non-sense, neatly-ironed, clean pieces are the absolute office go-to's and somewhat requisites for one to be taken seriously (especially young people!). One can always inject some fashionable fun, but never too much fun!

This has always been clear to me. My workplace does not require a dress code but impose it on myself to do so somehow, someway no matter how little, because it helps me work better. But what's a girl to do when she needs to be at work and in Kalsada Ph (Bjorn Manila's streetstyle movement, read about it by clicking the link) all in the same day? The possibilities are endless, challenging and fun. 

Here's my take:

Because of my usual snooze disease leading to mid-morning-cram, my quick savior were these hounds tooth pants. I don't know why but I feel like though this pattern is "fashionably fun", it's something the corporate world would honor. Is it just me? :)) I wore a cardigan instead of a blazer for a decent but more laid back effect, I made sure it was a printed one to make the look more interesting: pattern-on-pattern. I completed the look with my fave trusty and versatile heels from fashioncookie, they always solve my day to night dilemmas. I think yuppies should invest in fashionable pieces that are work-place friendly and in minimalist accessories that don't steal attention but rather supplement and compliment the look. This necklace from +-x/ is my current fave because it gives any outfit that extra omph and you can wear it with almost anything!

To give my outfit more street vibe for Kalsada, I wore a midriff  (which I concealed by closing my cardigan at work), would then don on some aviators, mess my hair up a bit and brush to the side, swipe some red lipstick, and voila! :)

Sadly though, very very sadly, work poured down unusually that day that I wasn't able to participate in Kalsada and meet Bjorn Manila with the other bloggers, but I'm sure my fellow CFB loves and everyone else from fashionable Cebu gave the hometown justice it deserved! I could only wish I was there to see it happening! :)

Have a good week, loves! Maybe I'll write more about corporate dressing soon for those who just graduated/ passed licensure exams, I need to relearn it myself too! Until then!


Another instagram moment turned into a quick blog post! 
Thank you, cellphone! and I miss you, DSLR.

Cardigan and Pants: Fashiondiary Cebu
Top: Topshop
Shoes: Fashioncookie Avenue
Necklace: Plusminustimesdivide
Bag: Mom's present from HK


  1. I love how you match the cardigan with the print of the pants!! Very nice outfit! keep on posting! :)


    1. Thanks, Patrizia. I'm glad you enjoyed the prints. :)
      and I will, thank you for the encouragement :)

  2. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to see new faces.

    Your pants are really fun. (lol) I get up late all the time - def. not a morning person - but have never dressed as nicely.

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

    1. Thanks, I like how you describe my pants! :)) I'm sure we all can dress up nicely when we need to, even if it's last minute! :)) And you're welcome!

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  4. Following you now via bloglovin!! Please follow back!

  5. You are rocking this outfit! You look good showing a tiny bit of skin there with the cropped top :-)

    1. Thanks, guys! I meant for it to cut whats going on with the pants and the cardigan. Glad you like it! :)

  6. Great look!


  7. Great look! I'm loving your pants!
    Yeah sure, let's follow each other. I'm now following on gfc, hope you follow me back!

  8. Love this! It's the perfect way to get around the whole 'smart' code and still look so chic :) You are genius when it comes to clashing prints :)

    1. Awwe Thankyou for the sweet comment, Natasha! Takes one to know one! :)

  9. I think you look so chic, love it!

  10. Lovely outfit!!
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know
    Hugs :)


  11. love those pants, they look great and seem comfortable! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. They are indeed comfortable. I hate rough, thick jeans. Theyre my best enemies! Thanks, Alice! <3

  12. Hello Dawn!
    Thanks for stopping by, I would love us to follow each other! Following you - just to follow me back<33
    Great outfit,

    Johanna, Sweden

    1. Great, on my way to your blog! Love art and fashion blogs! and thanks!
      See you around! xx

  13. Impeccable styling, as always. Love yew dawn! See you super soon:)

    Eden v

    1. Eeeed! I love you! You so sweet! See you monday! <3

  14. These pants are so cool! I love the print!


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