Friday, December 6, 2013

Fall at the country side

Hi guys! How do you like my regular blogging attendance? :)) 
Let's take a break from the backlogs, here's a more recent look I wore out last saturday.
Last saturday was chill-day, cheap-day for me and the boyfriend and I was dressed for the streets! I woke up early, tried to organize all that's on my to-do list that day but ended up preparing all the items for shipments and meet-ups for Blind Clothing. The next thing I knewI found myself in Mactan Island attending my friend's house-warming party.. then straight to meet-ups, rushed to the courier, then to a meeting with a home-accessory supplier, and then finally to some dinner and R&R. This is my formula outfit for an anything-goes day-----shorts and booties. It allows me to move around a lot, and run around wherever and do whatever without my feet getting dusty cause I hate that.

Noticed anything? 
1.) For the first time I'm giving in to the tie-waist trend.
I've always wanted to do this since summer because it had a very laid back, cool vibe to it (Infact I used this a lot when I styled for Blind collections here and here ) but every time I try to do it on myself, I tend to feel funny cos I'm suddenly reminded of my fourth grade self. Who else did this back when they were kids? Raise of hands please! :)) I used to wear "hanging" tops, cargo pants, and then tie a jacket around the waist a lot, especially as dance costume. It's very 90's and it doesn't help that it reminds me of Jao Mapa. HAHAHA. Am I the only one my age who remembers him? When I was little, he was the bomb! Lol.  So anyway, I managed and it felt damn sweet! I think the 2013 twist to it is that now people use lighter material like polos, back then we used jackets. 

The prime reason I got sold on wearing this was it covered my thighs when I needed it to and parts of my tummy that showed too much. Later that day when we watched a movie, I got to wear it as a polo over my midriff to feel warm and cozy. Talk about functionality! 

Also.. another new thing about this look on me is:
2.) I am finally in PLAID. For the first time in my whole life (since I was conscious).
I don't know why but I tend to steer away from plaid because I felt that it was too country for my taste.
I still don't own anything plaid, this was my dad's, and it did all the accenting for my all-white ensemble, it tied the entire color palette together and gave it a very autumn feel. 

It was a good day for plaid. A good day for a laid-back look, a fresh fall palette, visiting a friend at her new home at a neighboring island, a Nicholas Sparks country movie dvd at Hello Hans, and a good night massage like I promised myself. Good day, good day. :)

Top: Topshop (This again.. )
Shorts: Tres Marias Online
Plaid Polo: Pappy's (what I call my dad)
Bag: Mom's present from HK
Shoes: Thrifted

Thanks to Bud for taking my photos! You're getting better at taking outfit shots, my fasting and abstinence is working! Haha Kidding. 


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