Monday, March 3, 2014


If there's a kind of casual outfit my dad would approve of, it would probably look something like this. Haha. Those who know me, know for sure that in most saturday mornings and afternoons,  I like dressing for laziness comfort. That day was no different, I still went in something relaxed in the form of: a pair of sandals, skort, and a loose button-down. But don't you just have days when you feel so sloppy, that you feel a dire need to spruce up your outfit a bit just to feel better, more organized, more productive. It works for a lot of people, myself included. :)

To add a bit of classiness to my choices, my top had to have a collar (with a metal tip).. my bag and sandals with metallic touches, and my top and bottom in jewel colors.. Notice anything? Everything had to have either a metallic touch or jewel colors in them. These two are always a hit on my list, maybe it's my inner gypsy or my inner Princess Jasmine. ;) Seriously, there's something instantly sophisticated about them and I dig anything with a touch of oriental and anything regal.

 I went out of the house in white high-waist shorts but when I walked in Topshop, I couldn't resist how these size 0 skort looked absolutely snug on me and perfect on my current ensemble. And hey, they are plaid. Plaid is hot this season. So on me it went, yolo. Sorry, debit card. Lol. Added point? It reminded me of my current favorite Disney character, Maleficent.  The villain who's not really a villain but a symbol of women empowerment--- authority and fighting spirit.  (Can't wait for the movie this summer! Attaching trailer below just for the feels!) If she was younger, born at a different era, and was going to a morning meeting at a coffeeshop, I wonder if she'd wear something like this. Haha. Okay, not cool. Too many Disney Character name drops in one most. I am so giving myself away here.

I used to dislike skorts because they are too confusing and I don't know that they're good for-- they're not shorts but they're not a skirt either. However, I'm beginning to appreciate them now that they seem to be the perfect piece to resort to when you're not really at work/ at the office.. but still need to dress a bit formal somehow. Like this day when Ninz and I did some fabric-hunting for Blind Creations' Spring Summer collection and meet with our programmers for Blind Clothing's new upcoming project. *wink*

That's us that morning! :) To those who follow Blind Clothing, we're just about to make your online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable with the help of these two young and talented programmers. So stay tuned! 
Just a quick and candid post for this week. Have a great week, everyone. Hustle time.
 "Chins up, smiles on".


**Top: Forever 21** Skort: Topshop**Sandals: So Fab!**Bag: Parfois (Thanks, Bud! Haha!)



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