Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Team Player

Early last March, Blind Clothing participated in "ESKINA! Lifestyle Expo", an event where food, fashion, and music meet in one electric event that's dedicated to 100% Cebuano goodness. Eskina was organized by a USC-CAFA Advertising Arts Class as a school project and it baffles me how half a classroom can create something that turned out so huge and fun. To be completely honest, I had hesitations to join at first but no regrets, because it totally exceed my expectations, it was so much fun to be a part of. I'll show you photos taken from our booth below. In the mean time, here's an outfit post I quickly sneaked in between booth manning.

If you've been a reader of this blog for sometime now, you'd know that oversized shirts are kind of my thing. I was so excited to wear out this shirt that I got from designer Yves Camingue. The moment I saw it, I knew I needed it. I looove this shirt, it's so simple but fresh and striking. I like the idea that it's a cool varsity number tee but instead of having the usual bold and plain digits inscribed, what you have a nice floral pattern with a nice deep palette. You can style it to perfect an effortless, urban look. My only problem is that apparently, I have to dry clean it after every wear since the floral number bleeds on the white shirt. :(

It's kind of a pressure trying to look well-dressed for our clients and friends (who by the way are all very fashionable themselves!) who would be dropping by the booth that day, whilst making sure that the outfit never gets in the way of errands, set-up, set-down, manning, and basically BLOODY (kid you not) field work. It was a hot hot day and I think the loose tee did the trick in keeping me perfectly mobile. I originally planned on wearing shorts but opted for these skorts again to further bring out the color in my number-tee.  I loved how it turned out, what do you think? :) These cut-out boots of course, are my favorite Tatum boots from Tonic... these and my sneaks are my war shoes (when I say war I mean festivals.. Sinulog.. lifedance.. shoots..) because it helps me move around without getting my feet dirty, dusty or itchy from the grass.  Let's not forget to top the look off with aviator shades and one-feather earring. 

 So there. That's my sunny day, festival-girl-at-work outfit. Hope you like it! :) Now to show you what went down during the event:

**DAY 1**

Event Set-up
Ready for afternoon festivities
BEFORE : Our spot
AFTER: Our booth! :)
Trinkets and accessories we sold

Ninz and me
Fashion blogger Liz posing behind her photos :P
Liz with her friend, Ninz, me, and Gab
The Blind SS|13 creations rack

**DAY 2**

Ninz, me, and our beautiful booth representative, Denz! :)

Our chica Gwen dropped by and so did the others later that day <3

Ninz and Tina doing the BLIND pose :P

Ninz' selfie with the clothes from OOTD Ph

People usually come in after 3. Prior to that, we're busy doing this. HAHA

and this!!

Tanduay setting up ready to give out free booze for that night

Lunch. Supporting our fellow exhibitors and buying from other booths/ stalls :P

It's Jessika from our SS13' collection !! <3
Ms Cebu runner-up and good friend Apple dropped by to show some love!

Ninz studying for finals while booth manning
New friends from SHSJ! :)
Sat Night has officially begun! The place was packed!

Clients also came to pick-up their packages and buy other goodies. Hi Kaye! :)

Ninz' HS friends were so sweet as to drop by...

... and play dress-up? and shop. :))

Mi love Eden of Chic in the Tropics, and Ms Grace of Yoga hub!!

My former college friends!! <3

Ninz' college bro's. Haha.

The crowd that night was crazyyyy.
Great music, free unlimited booze, food and cool stuff.. I dont see why not!

**DAY 3**
The Radaza sisters of OOTDPh. We brought in their stuff (and racks) too just so you guys have more to choose and shop from, Thanks to my love Gab for being so open at such short notice, and to her sisters for being the best booth-mates in the world!! It was great working with you guys <3

Dale came by and helped out for awhile, thanks Dale! :)

The girls of M&K CUPCAKES. <3
Their cookies are to die for. Infact, we got our Blind christmas presents from these girls. Hi!!

Denz and me with frequent visitors (haha) bloggers Jesse, Sophia.. behind are Buddy and Uriel of SNAP.

One of our new friends tha night, Mikee. <3

The crew behind FILTHY PROJECT. Another local brand you should watch out for.
Their caps are love!!

Matthew, Buddy, and Kristof helping out with set-down

And Finally, Blind booth team with the head organizers of Eskina!!! Congrats Jazzie and team! and shout out to April Ramos for inviting us over to participate. :)

So there you have it. Can you feel the energy from my photos? :)
Thanks to everyone who encouraged us to do Eskina.. To Buddy, OOTD Ph and the team who in any way helped make our booth a shining beaut (said with bias of course)... and most especially everyone who came by and showed us some lovin! <3
Congratulations to the organizers for throwing one great party, and shout out to all the other exhibitors-- especially those we got to make friends with. It was an honor!
Cheers, and See you all on the next rock show! x

Top: Yves Camingue
Skort: Topshop
Boots: Tonic


  1. I'm definitely going next time. And hiii twiiin!! :D hihihi blog stalking you!

  2. Hi Twin! You should've hung out with me at the booth! Next time!! :) I know what youre blog stalking me for! Hahah :P


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