Friday, October 28, 2011

Smooth And Delicious.

Smooth and delicious. In one adjective I'm referring to a man, the other a drink. 
Which is which? Read on.

Forgive me. This had to go first.
Tsk, Don't stay too close, Borg. HAHA

October 22, 2011 was suppose to be a pack-up-and-rest- for-Boracay night for me; but who could say no to the oh-so-tempting invite that Eden of Chic in the Tropics sent my way: THE BENMORE FOUR CASKS SCOTCH WHISKY LAUNCH. The launch/ press conference was held at the Diamond Suites and Residences. After party (which I missed) was at the newest club in the city, Alchology. 

Funny, I am actually allergic to alcohol and I'm not a fan of drinking. However, Benmore mixed with iced tea is just perfect: smooth, tasteful, not too strong. You can also have your Benmore mixed with Cola, soda, water, or straight on the rocks. The elegantly-packaged bottle comes at Php 380/ 770 mL. It's good value for your money considering it's coming from the same Scottish company that produces favorites JohnnyWalker and Jose Cuervo.  Ofcourse, during the open forum, I asked the man what his favorite mix was and it was: on the rocks. 

Benmore's market is more upscale thus the face behind the brand is no other than: THE BORGY. :))  *Insert heart shaped eyes here* As mentioned my brand manager Mr. Chua, Borgy is the perfect brand ambassador for Benmore: sleek, smooth, composed, confident. (Can I just add articulate and charming?) Benmore is a drink they want their market to enjoy responsibly and not get shamelessly drunk on. 

Cebu has been one of their stops for this nation-wide bar tour/ campaign. To learn more about Benmore, do visit their website:

Try Benmore today!

     Most photos grabbed from (**) and (*)


                                  Benmore's delicious packaging*


cool Michelle and sweet Mac :) *
 I gave up, and let them do the photo-taking. Good decision!*

Met Ate Shabs, Mac, Mildred, and Angeli :D *

Eden was an amazing host. :) *

Finally met Michelle and Rabsin too**

My "long lost sister they say" Issa (far left)
Hi Marco (far right), thanks for lending me your photos :D **

Cebu Fashion Bloggers. They're all so unbelievably nice and fun.*

So happy to finally meet my CFB Family. Looking fwd to meeting the rest soon**

Thanks, Ate Dred for lending me your lovely photos*

Party at Alchology. Missed this, had to reaaally pack this time. *
<3 **


Sunny Side Up Maxi Dress* Forever 21 Furr Vest* Props Clutch* Necklace from Wendy
*Bangles from HK* WristBand from Aizilyn

Smooth and delicious. Which. Who. 
You be the judge. Aha.
Stay tuned for my next post, BORACAAAAAAAAY.
Till then! :) 


  1. delish! i wanted to ask how much Benmore would it take to take home a guy like him, but didnt coz Im a bigot! lol i honestly thought you and issa were minors.. pretty babies! ^^

    you call me ate, ill call you babies.. hahaha

    That would've cracked up the entire conference room and grabbed his attention! hahah! Sus why didn't I think of that :)))

    I'm not surprised. haha. and Im okay with baby.


  3. OMG! I think Borgy taste so much better than that whisky. Hahaha! Shucks! Me and Liezyl are so MIA!!

    Hope to hang out with you guys, soon.

    Love the fur vests, btw. XD

  4. love your fur vest jud dear. :) and you are welcome for the photos. :)

    can't wait for your boracay post.

    p.s. btw, choice aDjective for Borgy is DELICIOUS!

  5. @ Chyrel: MIA gyuud. Was really hoping you'd gone there though.:) HAHAHA I bet everyone would agree with your Borgy remark! :))

    @ Dred: Yay Thanks, Ate Dred. :)
    Haha All votes cast: Smooth ang whisky. hahahahah. xD


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