Monday, November 21, 2011

Royal Becoming BTS

Hello, everyone! :) My blog is finally fixed! hurray! My previous post on Royal Becoming's BTS got deleted so here I'm posting photos for those who didn't get to see. Also because I think this deserves a whole blog entry because I'm so happy about how it turned out. :)

Photgraphed by: Julz Benabaye and the kimochi project
Styling: Dawn and Ninz Sy
Make Up: Nina, A.Label Salon
Accessories: Trappings Cebu
Furniture Set: Z.Point Furniture

Locale: Cinematic Studios, Makati.
Sweet Place!

Decided to wear something very BLIND-ish for the shoot if you know what I mean?
When in a shoot, I realized you've got to wear something you feel great in but still feel super comfortable working in.

Blazer: BLINDxx
Corset: Promod
Shorts: Levis
Boots: Julz'

Set and props by the Kimochi Project

Fotografu Julz Benabaye of the Kimochi Project

Hair and Make-up by Nina of A Label Salon

Accessories by Trappings Cebu

modelled by Sofia and Nika Miranda

So last October, we flew to Manila for a conference and part of our pre-conference agenda was to shoot for Blind Clothing's 6th Batch, our half-a-year anniversary! It was launched last November 8. We're so blessed to have a great team who make working unbelievably fun and crazy. It was fun-packed right from the online meetings, down to the 3AM drive home. 

Ping and Nik, the gorgeous Miranda sisters, thanks for doing this with us despite your class schedule that day. We hope Nika's assignment went out well the following morning. :)) Weren't they just perfect for the concept, you guys? To our left-brained partners who I mentioned above who made magic with their hands, thank you :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this set we prepared all for you. Thanks to everyone who "liked", appreciated our work of art. You inspire us to work even harder. Check the official set below, or visit us at facebook or our official page ! :)


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