Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Celine Borromeo.
For her attitude, charisma, and confidence.
She got a 1,000Php GC and 10% discount on any item for the whole of 2012 from BLINDxx!

Let me start by saying, that the second week of December has been the busiest week for me and Ninz in so far as styling is concerned. It all started when we were invited to sponsor Ms CAFA, the first ever pageant CAFA (College of Architecture and Fine Arts) has ever done. Aside from giving out prizes, we dressed up their candidates during the casual wear segment. I am not a fan of pageants, but who can say no to CAFA? It's too close to my heart. This was the first time we styled for a live audience, much like a mini fashion show for the store, I fancy.

The biggest challenge was to style 9 girls we haven't met yet (I only knew 1/9 of them). Their features were varied, their body types extremes, and we had to judge (sort of) the look we will be giving them based on what we perceived their personalities to be/ what they're most capable of flaunting using only their photos. And if I may add, since it's live.. we couldn't repeat accessories (which we normally do during shoots)! We had to bring so much of our personal stuff. Gladly, we got a little help from one of my best friends, Abe. :D

Fitting Sessions, Absent models, very necessary last min outfit changes that caused outraged moms and make-up artists and shoe disasters, we got those; but at the end of the day, I'm so glad to say they rocked it.

"Girls, dont forget to inform your MUA and bring your shoes, but most importantly, bring your attitude with you. " I remember saying before parting with the candidates. and they did, really really did. :)

Sadly I wasn't around to see them walk down the stage since I had to pull out men clothes for another styling "job" that week; but Ninz texted me. I could tell she was overwhelmed and so was I, from a distance! I made it in time for the coronation and still got to congratulate the winners and other candidates backstage. Im just so proud of all of them. 

Here are photos from that night taken by Rae Cabardilla of Decaph Photography. Thanks so much, Rae! :)

Ms CAFA Christine Morril

1st Runner-up Celine Borromeo

2nd runner-up Alyssa Go

Steaming Trixie Maraya

Since we got pre occupied with event partnerships this month, we decided to use photos from there for our 7th collection instead. Take a look at some of the layouts! I personally love how it all got stringed altogether.. the title, and presentation, I hope you do too! :)

See more at our official website!

Jet Penan

Angelica Fukui

Edryce Lim

Andrea Chy

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We'd also like to thank event organizer, Jehanne Dy for the invite. 
Congratulations, everyone!
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Mr and Ms CAFA Christine Morril and Ryan Mag-Uyon.
There's Christine's 500 worth GC from BLINDxx! She already picked out her items, guess what she chose! :))

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