Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blindclothing x Mag TV

This is a 5min ensemble and Im not even kidding! We were running late so I instantly decided to throw this on, pack, and go! Wanted to put on something interesting by trying print-on print. I'd say this was a lil challenge for me as Ive always been a plain-print. texture-texture. plain-plain believer. Clogs to make me feel that I'm not too short with the towering hosts, still did. Oh well! Hope it worked! XD 

Dec 10, 2011 was one unusual saturday for me. Right after apprenticeship work, I had to hurry home to prep up for a show 2 hours later. It was MAG TV NA's Annual Viewer's Choice Awards. BLINDxx was blessed enough to be one of the show's partners for that particular episode. This was 1 day after Ms CAFA so we pre styled everything altogether. It was mind boggling coz it's two live audiences in a week but it was fun! Always is. :)
Ninz and I also had to style the men, with clothes from SM Men's Wear. It was held at JCenter Mall, AS Fortuna. Airing was last Sunday, December 18! It felt really nice seeing your work and your brand flashed on screen. Something different. :) 

With producer, the beautifully preggy Ms Neda
Recording spiels
Show time!

The hosts in action, they were amazing even at 1st take( practice) I was like WOA. :))

set of four

the hosts and the awardees
with director  Mr Adrian Diongzon after the show. Thank You, Ad! I loooveyouuu!

Us goofing with the hosts. They were all really nice and sweet and hands down beautiful!
We were so relieved the girls liked the clothes! The mullet skirt is a favorite apparently, by them and by some fashion bloggers. :D Blinky got first dibs. haha.

The look was going to be something dressy enough for an awarding, but fitting enough for a mall show which was going to start at 5 PM.
Here's what they wore:

The Ladies:

Feisty Blink in a leopard, high-slit sheer kimono from BLINDxx
and her own black platform pumps
Classy Phoebe in a sexy black mullet skirt and glittery nude vest turned top
both from BLINDxx, plus her own nude peep toes

Get their look! Shop our 7th collection! 

The Gents:
(Our first time to style the men. This was a challenge since SM failed to send over some of the items I picked out. Coincidentally those were my favorites. :( So it was on the spot make-do haha! )

Borgy in a blue woven sweater and khaki vest from SM Men's wear fashion week collection.
and his own signature dog tag and dark jeans
(We found him the hardest to style bec of his image/ persona! haha!)

Preppy Jonathan in a short sleeved Plaid polo and knitted vest
still by Sm Men's wear. Folded gray pants and boat shoes.

We actually prepared for 2 outfit changes but it got cancelled. Sayaaang! Anyway, It was such a fun afternoon- evening that I instead of initially planning on going straight home to catch up on sleep, I went and grabbed great dinner with Buddy! 

Sooo, What do you guys think? Did we do so bad?  :))


Ninz & I feeling cool and sporting our Mag TV Staff shirts
Much better! Thanks, Pop! ;)


  1. Kat, effortless lang ha! I love the print on print look and please reserve me the mullet skirt. XD

  2. will definitely do this time, Chyrel! :))


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