Monday, June 25, 2012

Mind Over All

Aha! I've always wanted to try this pose! :))

sleek back detail

purse detail
I like cropping faces
                                   hello :)

Overalls: Ibiza (vintage, mom's old piece)
Accessories: Downtown
Pumps: Janilyn
Purse: Liz Claiborne

Hype this look here!

Incase you were wondering, yes this jumpsuit gave me a hard time peeing. I always had to unzip everything down before I could "liberate" myself. I hope it looks like it's worth the hassle. :))

Yesterday I went to a baptism and dinner reception, instead of going for the usual lacey and romantic look, I opted to go chic in a classic tailored one-piece with a monotony that is interrupted by bits of colored (but minimal) accessories. Nothing over the top for me, as usual. I like to play it easy but interesting.  


On a more serious note... While I am writing this outfit post (the first since early April), I can't help but feel sentimental because I know it will take just as long for me to post my next entry. And I enjoy making blog entries-- so much. So, I'm off to 7- month hiatus to take and retake "certain exams"-- that means apprenticeship on weekdays, gym and study on weeknights, review on weekends. Thats spells less time for friends, family vacation, blogging and BLINDxx.  It may sound too overrated, I wish it was. Have you ever had that feeling when you can't, for the life of you, afford to make mistakes within within a certain period of time anymore? I, as an adult, am due. Due for making realistic choices, sound priorities and real sacrifices; the kind that will make a 180 degree turn on my life. (#char #adulthood issues) 

Must improve time management skills, yes? :)) If not, there's always instagram. Hee. I so hope you guys still keep checking the blog somehow, despite the gaps in between. It always means a lot to me :) Okay everyone, students and non-students enough drama and back to work! Haha!

Im alright, Im alright, over all.
Pun intended.
Goodnight, loves!

# theDAWNisbreaking


  1. i want everything that ur wearing!!:)

  2. love the outfit! you're really pretty :)

    following your lovely blog now! hope you'd check out mine too and follow if you like :)

    1. Hi gelianne! Awwe thankyouu :) will hop into yours definitely!

  3. I hear you!! So hard to pee when wearing jumpsuits if not high waist pants! Nagka UTI gud ko because of it, swear! I'm so not in instagram too and you always look so cute, Kath! And fasyown too! I always see you near FIDA. KYUUUUTT kaayo ka pirmi!!

    1. Chyrell!! Gmingaw lge ko nimo! Pero nigara jud ang uti! Haha pee when you need to kuno :))) ohmaaan i really dread being seen on workdays esp lunchbreaks!! Haggard! But say hi when u do next time itd be nice to see u again :))

  4. Nice Blog, nice outfit... I'm following you now.. Please visit my blog too.. I want to get to know some Cebu Bloggers too..

    1. Will def visit! Thanku Rae! I want to know sme non cebu bloggers too :)


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