Thursday, September 20, 2012

My life lately via Instagram

1-2.) On-leave. Oh yes. :)

3.) The fake Sakura tree w/ moorish lamps at Ila Puti. You! In my room, now!
                                   4-5) Recent acquisitions. Im all about the color palette lately. :)

6.) Arm Hand Party. 
7.) Study- cave moments. Coffeeshop cappuccino--not.
You should try Kopiko's Koppiccino. Heaven.
                                   8.) No make-up day. Someone help me find my eyebrows? :))
        9.)  Make-up Day! Haha. I did it!! Sucky "make-upper" no more!
Atleast for that day. XD

10.) I fancy this building along A.S Fortuna St.. Wood + bare concrete + glass.. my kind of architectural finish. Snapped this from a moving car on my way to work. It looks like it just stepped out of a rendering software. :)

My DIY project. Ombre terno.
Never misunderstand softness for weakness. 

         13.) A walk in the park. 
                                                14.) Home-cooked shoot fun :)


soft wedding dresses I passed by at the mall**weeknight anti-stress dessert at La Marea**La Marea's quirky kitchen**gym with mum**DIY artist shorts** My savior in the morning**DIY shorts w/o the studs yet(placed them the night after taking this)**pedicure with mum, not brave enough to try other shades**Wendy's edible feet**the occassional close-up**Ninz organizing our stuff before the shoot**My new pair of Havies**The tumblr-worthy Slipperwheel at MYOH 2012**Pasta in Tuna, Olive, and Asparagus on a date with mum

So here's a piece of my week/s in a photo roll. I should really get a better
camera phone, and learn to take creative pictures of.. "other things" besides myself, food, and clothes. x_x

I once laughed at how people kept posting Insta pictures all over facebook. I found it to be soo, for lack of a better word, "hipster". I now see how convenient it actually is, that you can snap photos of random little memories (and little nothings--that mean something) without bringing a camera of some sort, and not have to photoshop it for filters. Yes, some photos rightfully deserve a cheesy filter just to drive a point. Forgive me, I'm a changed woman, Insatgram.

Who else is here? Let's follow each other. Mine's @kdawnsy.
See You, fellow hipsters! Haha. ;)



  1. Love, love, how your life lately is! Oh, I love that new building in AS Fortuna too! Always pass by there since my friend lives nearby.

    Bonggels ang make in photos num. 9! LOVE it!

    1. HAHAHA thanks Chyrel! Always fun (and sometimes funny) to hear from you! :*


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