Friday, September 21, 2012

We'll get there someday.


I tried hiding in happy colors. You know, those days you wsh your day would magically turn as happy as the colors you're wearing. And it doesn't really. Well, atleast you looked nice. This day I wanted to wear somehing young and really relaxed (default saturday morning look) but not too dressed down. Beacuse If there's anything I didn't want to feel that day, it was unspecial.

The itinerary was review + casual dinner with cousins + hangout with girl friends last Saturday. And although, I had really good company throughout the day, the bad news I got that week still got the best of me. I dont know if it shows in my photos. I got over it somehow, now more graceful in defeat, and aware of myself.. what I can't do, what I want.


Crochet vest: Blind Clothing
I never realized how much of a staple a plain white crochet vest for a bohemian- enthusiast until I decided to keep this item to myself. It spruces up any outfit, gives it a boho touch, while keeping things fresh and classy. Not to mention, it makes sphagetti-strap dresses and cleavage- betraying tank extra decent when needed. Lol.

I also enjoyed making dad's vintage shades my pendant. Haha. Added cool factor.

shoes: thrift shop
I purposefully bought these shoes because they're rugged enough to go on a casual dinner date, yet since they have heels, you can never wear be underdressed.  In 2 inches, they're comfortable too.

I like how genuinely vintage it looks. I got while waiting to be picked up by my mom one night. Proud! *taps back

Tequila Sunrise Ombre shorts: OhMyDarling
I just love how interesting the colors are. I can almost eat them. The fit is great too.
I won't lie, I am so inlove with this trend. Although it's harder to find a pair for these (harder than printed, for me atleast) when you do, it's totally worth it.

You may have noticed how I always take outfit shots around the house. I'm still not brave enough to take them out in the streets. But I want to. Bloggers are about street style, after all. But here, I tried something new for you guys:

Tadaa! I know, It's an instagram shot and it doesnt count so much but atleast I tried. Haha.
It's a good start. Even this was hard. Thanks to Buddy for doing these shots with me :))

A simple tumblr-ish photo I made for you and for myself while writing this post. Keep those heads up and those shoes walking. Nothing's ever too far.
I hope I didn't make anyone sad while reading this. Haha. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! :)



  1. looking pretty, dawnnn :))) and you rock the shorts! date ta soooon. im free sept 29 to oct 3. :)


    1. Hi, V! Thank You, you did a great job with the ombres :) Cgeee, wil tweet you. Ive been wanting to go to Phoebes cupcakery :>

  2. OMG! I should get myself some OMD shorts, like, SRSLY. Haha! Love the thrifted shoes too! Doesn't look like one when you wear them. And yes, hurray to streetstyle!

    BTW, did you upload these photos to a picasa, photobucket or something? I like the first set of photos. Sakto kaayo ang sizes sa images, dili hibag tan-awn. I sometimes have problems with photo uploads and stuff.

    1. Yes you should! :)) Thanks Chy that's a relief. hahaha. No I uploaded it automatically lang thru blogger. I thinks its my page width that allows me two photos in one row. My photos are usually sized 800 x 1670 or something :)

  3. Oh I love your shorts, so nice!
    Really like your outfit!

    1. Thanks, Nici! Check out Ohmydarling on facebook! Cool beans! :)

  4. Your shorts are so pretty!

    1. Thanks! I linked it up so you can check their other items out! :)

  5. I really love the shorts! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  6. Great! Love your blog. Would you like to follow each other via gfc or more?

  7. Hi kat! Love this look! Anyway, I nominated you for The Liebster Award!! :) YAY!! For more details check it out here:

    xoxo Raffi ♥


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