Thursday, October 25, 2012


When I had resigned from work for reviews (my arch'l apprenticeship program) early this month, I though i'd be able to blog more. Nothing is what it seems, apparently. With all the chores, reading, assorted freelance work, exercise, my blog has been quite lonely; but I couldn't complain, having 3 months having my time to myself is like a breath of fresh air to my lifestyle. Although it is pretty challenging in the areas of self-discipline, which I'm pretty bad at. (Such a struggle to wake up so early in the morning :( ) Best part is, I get to dress the way I want every single day. Haha. You would think it's a party, but I find myself dressing down a lot lately, like in this entry.

Here's what I wore on my way to a styling gig, the first ever time I styled a debutante besides my sister and my friends. I usually just do events and fashion shoots, this pre-event stint was new to me. It was a pre-debut pictorial and what our princess wanted was an all black- girls night out.

I did so much black-and-white pre-styling in the morning that I dressed myself with this bright and colorful aztec-printed midriff. I'm so much into these lately, they're just so feminine and easy to wear. I paired the canvass top with contrastingly flowy harem trousers because these are like, corporate pajamas and I had to look both mature for my debutante and comfortable enough to sustain hours of shooting. Needless to say, the footwear of choice were flats, because these are like, formal slippers as well. Haha. A satchel was in hand then but on the last minute, I resorted into this white crochet bag because it made the whole look fresh and laid back-- which seemed appropriate on that breezy and slightly gloomy afternoon.

Let me leave you with my favorite look from the shoot. I hope everyone's having a great semestral break/ halloween break! :)


Bubbles midriff** Blind Clothing trousers**Braids and Bonds Arm Candies**Flats from a bazaar

Makeup: Ryle Young
Photos: Shanida and Dexter Maneja of 1up2down
Hair: Jomer Arances
Styling: Yours Truly
Locale: The Private Room by Secanara Hands
Model: Khyra Baguia


  1. Gwapaha this girl oi! I miss you KDAWNSY! <3

    1. Chyreeeeeel! God, I miss you too. And everyone else. So much isolation right now but I'm looking fwd to hopefully seeing everyone this christmas, maybe? :)

      *big big hug*

  2. love the corporate pajamas! we really should have another meet-up eh?

  3. Hi dear!

    Love so much you're blog, follow u :)

    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.
    Hope u follow back!

    Lot of kisses.

    1. Hi! Thankyou I appreciate that! :)
      Will def drop by your page soon too!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Got it at a good price from bubbles on fb. I had to tweak it though cos the back would flap open due to its fabric. But its my current fave :D


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