Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blind Creations: Clandestine

You thought I might have come to tell you stories of princes and castles but what you know not, is that stories chase and bite and haunt. 

 CLANDESTINE: Blind Creations A|W 2012.

The latest from our brand's cut-and-sew line is out now. It has been 2-3 months delayed but it's finally out.
Being the second and last for this year, this collection is like a recital of the young's most favorite trends from the year 2012: pastel, aztec, cut-out, sporty cut, ombre, and peplum rolled into four designs. It is inspired by duality, secrecy, and contradiction.  Spring in winter. Summer in Fall.  Chiffon skirts over sweaters. Dainty spandex dresses underneath trench coats. Pretty girls with secrets. Meek girls with alter egos.  Beauties with inner beasts. I believe in some way some time ago, we have all had our clandestine.

I have a tremendous team of young (no one over 23 haha!) people to be thankful for.  People who are very easy to work with but are extremely brilliant at what they do. People who endure for the sake of passion and adventure and art. I'm not kidding these people are dark horses Barbeth, Christine, Allyana, Jhely, Buddy.. It has been a pleasure working with these guys and I hope that if they're reading this, they tap themselves on the back and take a graceful bow as if I had some 500 people giving them a standing O as I roll out the credits below. :)

Model: Christine Morril
HMUA: Allyana Mae Racaza
Styling and Art Direction: Yours truly with Ninz Sy

Special thanks to:
Direction: Jhelvy Pabriga
Layout execution: Buddy Lim Ong
 (thanks bf for being my cs5 hands again :P )
Accessories: Tiny Ensembles
Roxy Salon 
Gio S. Pesodas of Mangga Studio

Don't forget to drop by our page! We're giving away any of the items above! :)


  1. babe, ang gondo talaga ng mga editorials ng blind clothing!

    1. Yayy thanks, Babe! We pour our soul into it evertime so you guys will enjoy it :)

  2. No one over 23. Ouch! Chos! Hahahaha! Gwapa sa model oy. Really love this shoot and collection, kdawnsy!

    1. Hahah! Sorry naman sa over 23, no offense! Hahaha! Thanks Chyrel, you should get a piece! Haha ily for being supportive :)

  3. these pics are damn inspiring dear
    x the cookies

  4. Hi!I just nominated you for the Liebster Award... MOre information on my blog

  5. Replies
    1. thanks, Claudia! :) you can find them all at :)

    2. thanks, Claudia! :) you can find them all at :)

    3. thanks, Claudia! :) you can find them all at :)


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