Monday, February 4, 2013

A Change of Heart

Ohmygod, where do I even start? :))

Hello, Blogosphere. I miss you like an orphan misses her mom! I know I've been MIA a lot of times but not like this, It has been a long 2months since my last post. But I am back for good and I can't wait to fill this blog with more interesting and varied things (absolutely not about myself, so don't worry!:D ). I WILL show you things I've been up to for the past months later but for now, here's a comeback outfit post. 

These photos are from the last day of the BlindClothing trunk show held at the I.T. park, Lahug, Cebu last Christmas season. With the setting down, cutting wires, and bonding with guests I knew I was going to need something I can move in but still look age-appropriate and fashionable. A plain black jumpsuit is fashionable? To me, yes. As with a lot of bloggers, I've been experiencing a change of heart as to personal style. I've always been a boho-chic girl but lately I feel more comfortable and confident in simpler, more chic and sleek ensemble.. I never thought I'd be a sucker for low heels and soft pants. Can I still pass of as a fashion blogger? :)) You see, I have always believed that style should never be forced-- it is either reflective of who you are or the kind of person you want to be.  

Of course, I wore something from our own brand and from its cut-and-sew line if I may add. Represent! \m/  It's one of the very first rtw pieces Ninz and I designed.

Indeed this night turned out to be epic. I have only been able to visit our booth at its opening and closing but both were highlights I'm so glad I didn't miss. It was this night when we miraculously reached a profit we'd normally get in 2 weeks. Talk about divine intervention. 

Overwhelmed, Ninz and I would like to thank all those who supported us last December on our very first exposure outside the worldwide web. Much love to my fellow bloggers Gillian, Vanessa, Chyrel, Toni for being so nice as to grace our steal section with stylish but affordable pieces (some I even bought myself). 

A disaster in our own home happened and cost us almost everything we earned that month and I must admit I'm beyond heart broken. But rest-assured, after a little rest and recovery, we'll give you ladies more to be excited about. :)

This is getting really long. Please say I'll see you in my next post!  :)


**jumpsuit: BLINDxx creations**bag scored from Gillian of bydetails from the BLINDxx trunkshow**mustard flats from a bazaar**accessories are all presents

BLINDxx trunk show: Opening Night

BLINDxx trunk show: Last Night

Holiday STOCKS!!! <3


  1. Hello gorgeous dear... Again congratulations and I am so proud of you...welcome to the corporate world..hope to see you really soon in person...


    1. Awwe, Thankyou ate Sweet! It's a scary but exciting world you have! :)) Looking forward to seeing you too!!

  2. been reading your blog but it's just now nga i followed you through bloglovin..;)
    love the necklace dawn btw..

    1. Yay thanks, Ira!! It was too feminine for me at first but I'm glad I found a use for it :)

  3. the necklace that you are wearing looks gorgeous!!!!!



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