Sunday, August 25, 2013

At a stand still.

Welcome to Forks!
Last Saturday was a gloomy day in Cebu and everything was at a standstill-- time, wind, me. I know my last post was a black and white feast yet again and this outfit is so plain it  probably isn't even worth blogging about but while I hate to bore you, it just felt like a "meh" kind of day. The kind where "wearing colored pieces to make you feel happy or make the day brighter" just doesn't seem effective.  Don't worry dear readers, colors have not left my system.

While I felt plain and passive, I was excited for meet-ups day. We were gonna personally hand pieces from our S|S 13 collection to those who ordered them online-- for the first time. Since I wanted to look decent for the people I was meeting that day, I wore this Blind Clothing original high slit skirt (still from the collection). Bias aside, it really did the job for me. Back when we were sampling this, we went through about 3 revisions just to get this profile right--shape, slit cut, garter! What I like about it is that even if you don't dress up much or accessorize much, and though it's so comfortable and easy to wear it's almost sinful, it WILL still make you standout. Subtly sexy, modern (not your usual slit) , but still decent and never screaming for attention. You know what they say "Keep it classy, never trashy, just a little nasty."  Lol. What the.  

Moving on.. :)

Inside one of the boxes
We decided to sort of match like twins. Hello to Ninz' new boots-- will be stealing you, I mean borrowing you soon, when my conscience allows it.

Ninz and her dates: study materials and mudshake

No eyeliner on a saturday-- how'd that happen? :))  Just BB cream, powder, brows and nude lipstick that day. Just mehhh.
Buddy caught up with us shortly after. Haha finally a photo of us in my blog, this rarely happens.
Me enjoying my new fave drink! It's a chocolate-mint smoothie (the menu said it had liquor but I can barely taste it and that's a good thing. It was just enough to give it a twist and omph)  You have to try this from Chocolatier!
Meet-ups done! Off we went to watch Mortal Instruments!
Oh Jace <3
Jace in my dreams and in my wallpaper!

Midriff top (So overused, how useful is this piece in my life!) : Topshop
Skirt: Blind Clothing (similar here)
Shoes: Fashion Cookie

Thanks to Ninz for taking photos of me on her iphone.

Thank You Bud for leaving my dslr thus the grainy photos. 
Haha. Just kidding :P


  1. Hello dear! I am your new follower) Hope you will follow me back, it would be great!^^

    Have a nice day!^^


  2. Very nice skirt! :D

    xx, Edda

  3. That is such a classy outfit! Nothing wrong with black and white :)

    Put The Radio On

    1. Glad you think so, Annabelle. I love black and white!
      Just that Ive been posting nothing but b&w lately, makes me feel guilty :))

  4. looove the slip skirt! It looks great on you


    1. Thanks so much, Laura! It should, we designed it to be so! <3

  5. We have the same skirt! LOL! I'm so excited to share my ootd wearing this thigh high slit skirt!!

  6. I love this look! You're so gutsy to have worn it in Ayala. Go girl!


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