Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Opposites Attract

 Opposites attract, they say.  To me it doesn't only apply with people but also in fashion: like how black with white is a classic favorite,  how tight looks great with loose. But more interestingly, how these dense leather pants can make a good match for my light linen beach top.

I couldn't believe how this Aga Mulach top (as we fondly call it, lol) has been a closet staple of mine for years now--to think, I just got it from my Pop's closet. I used to pair this top with washed denim/ printed/ombre/colored shorts, but today for the first time I tried something different and I like how relaxed but chic it turned out. I folded my leggings to make the look more casual--it is after all a holiday today. I think I'll wear this again on a weekend meeting someday. Seems like the type. Oh and I don't know if its age, but what took me so long to realize the beauty of a good office bag?

I've been contemplating lately about my true identity (OA. Fashion wise at least. Haha.) and realized just last night after going through a fashion book my Japanese client gave me, that I am most comfortable in laid back, effortless chic fashion. Ofcourse, that's with a hint of playful festival fashion (because I was once a bohemian kid, part of me will always be). I'm always so drawn to Rumi Neely, Kate Bosworth, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Palermo. So perhaps more of that in the coming days. Don't kill me for repeating adjectives then, I don't think I'll find find other words to describe it.

Today is a holiday where I'm from and on my itinerary was some light and easy work time in a coffee shop with the boyfriend. Leaving this coffee shop now (where I stayed in all afternoon) to grab dinner.

It was a good day.

Top: Tropical Relik (Dad's)
Leather Leggings: Blind Clothing
Heels: Nine West
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (Hi, mom.)
Earings: Forever21
Don't forget to check out Blind Clothing's newly launched SS13  collection here! Or simply see my older post to view it. :)


  1. Wow really love this your look! Cute earrings!
    I like your blog!
    Do you want follow each other? Let me know!

  2. Thanks dear, i am now following back =)

    By the way, I want to invite to attend my first giveaway! Giveaway Here

  3. Thanks for comment, honey!
    I followed you alredy, follow me back, please!

  4. I like this outfit a lot! So cool and laid back! :)

  5. Great outfit!!!!
    And great blog as always!

    from La Dolce Moda

  6. Love this look! Can't go wrong with black and white.


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