Wednesday, September 25, 2013

School Girl

High cut boots with colored socks that matched my shirt paired with skater skirts, denim vests, and jumpers were my mom's outfit choices for me when I was little. She would tie my hair in pig tails using colored clips and bands (that still matched my shirt!) even if there was hardly ever any hair to tie. I was the only child for 5 years so you would understand :)) This outfit reminded me so much of those days somehow. 

Growing up and realizing I was a petite girl, I've been avoiding anything that will make me look well--- pretty and kiddy. These included pieces like flouncy skirts, skater skirts, shirts with fun prints, ribbons, ruffles, and jumpers. After getting the hang of weight-gain and exercise, I somehow got to shove off my insecurity and for the first time in a long time succumbed to skater skirts (My first coming out here). It also did  not help that it became a just a really, really irresistable trend! Here's another first, me in a jumper from Love Eleven shop. The first since I was 7 atleast. ;)
I enjoyed how preppy and fun my jumper looked that day. I mean, it's basically just a skater skirt with straps right? But the straps make all the difference in the world! It made me look more-- friendly and approachable, don't you think? :))

This one from Love Eleven Shop is just perfect for me-- its like the skater skirt I've never EVER had.  The cloth had just the right amount of flounce and weight, and the length was perfecto! I really think that for petite girls, choosing the right length for skater skirts or any other flouncy skirt for that matter  is very crucial.

I paired the jumpers with a textured, tailored version of a midriff from Blind Clothing to give my look a more adolescent factor,  and to deviate from how I would usually style them when I was little. 

 I really love the fabric we chose when we made this piece. It gives "the midriff" a new kind of sophistication, different from how we would usually see a midriff---in plain spandex/ lycra! Nothing wrong with spandex, I just like variety! :) 
I chose one with a tie-back to make it even more playful. See, there's more going on! :)

Definitely getting more jumpers! Maybe short-jumpers next time? :)
Thank you Charm for helping me find my inner school girl. Notice the suede boots? and satchel? and the RARE PONY TAIL? Definitely looking the part! Now where are my books! lol

Moms really do know best after all, yes? :))
I actually styled this jumper another way just to prove how versatile it is, that one on my next post! Missed blogging, and definitely missed you all!

 Jumper: Love Eleven Shop
Midriff: Blind Clothing
Booties: Call It Spring
Necklace: Accessorize

Oh and remember my previous look? It got the chance to be featured in the papers the other friday! :) Many thanks again to Ms Joanna of SunStar Daily! :)


  1. Yay! Love, love, the jumper! And you're no kiddo! You look so blooming, Dawn. Pramis! :)

  2. love you! as always :*

  3. No problem and thanks, Dawn!:) Glad you're enjoying the skirt, Pretty!:))


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