Thursday, October 3, 2013

Slip Away.

Sometimes, the best way to wear a dress is to wear it with very little fancy intervention. Slips have always been my personal favorites because they're so feminine (feminine, not girly--they can be different) and effortlessly chic (That's right, my two favorite words. deal with it. lol). They exude a certain sense of vulnerability that I am very much drawn to. Maybe that’s because slips were originally used as sleeping clothes along with night gowns and also as underslips in the late 19th century. I love the innerwear-as-outerwear trend!
This dress, much to our surprise, is the best-seller among all our designs for Blind Clothing's A-List collection. It was the very, very first I insisted on developing. We ended up with two failed prototypes but continued to develop. When all other designs were already perfected while this still wasn’t, we were about to give up on it and just move on with shooting  the look book. At the last minute however, days before the shoot, I decided to fight for this dress and got down and dirty with our seamstress. Haha!

I'm no fashion designer by profession. Its buildings and architectural interiors I design and I always thought this would be fairly easy. But we had to think and redo-- the choice of fabric, the distance from strap to strap, the tightness of the dress at the torso,  the flare of the lower portion, the shallowness of the v-profile at the front, even the order of the X strings at the back. You see, our head seamstress is good with technical stuff as she had vast experience abroad but is kind of caught up with the profile of the clothes from the 70s-80s. :P
I like the soft feel of the fabric on my skin I can almost sleep in it. I like the drop of the dress from the chest downwards and the spaghetti straps at the front that intertwine into an interesting x-detail at the back, and even the overall length of the piece.  I've always wanted a slip dress for myself but never found one. Now that we've made one, I'm excited to share it with all other girls who aspire the same. 
It's great for a day look, great for a night look.
And there I was feeling very Rumi Neely and Ashley Olsen in my string slip dress. Something about the sun, wind, my dress and my hair that day made the entire world around me feel surreal, like I was slipping away from reality. It’s a good thing I got company throughout the day—that kept me on earth for sure! Shout out to Buddy, Chardy, J-Carl, roomie Trina, and Ninz (also for taking my photos)! :)

 Dress: Blind Clothing
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
ID Necklace: PlusMinusTimesDivide

Here are other ways you can wear a slip dress. I compiled them just for you!
Have a great weekend! :)


  1. VERY RUMI NEELY INDEED!!! Capslock para intense! I want this dress but maybe when I'm one size smaller. LOL!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, sexy! <3
      Are you kidding me, you already are small enough!! I'd even let you have xs! :)) Miss you! x

  2. Just in love with this effortless style!
    You are great!
    thank you for following, followed you back ;)
    keep in touch and stay pretty :)

    Wulan Wu on


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