Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heads to the floor, for Janice Minor.

This, my friends, is the art of "making do".
Taking photos for the blog using my iphone and a mirror. 
Perhaps I loved the mirrors too much.. or perhaps I was too flattered that our ceo commented that I had great taste in fashion. Hahaha. I'm so not modest right now. Forgive me but it felt like a medal. I'm a huge fan of his well-educated taste! He believes that when you're tasteful bout dressing yourself up, you're most likely the same about the physical aspects of furniture design. He believes that fashion sets the bar for trends in the furniture and accessory world. 

When there's a need to dress corporately and ready for some factory/ site action I throw on soft pants. Oxblood was my easy choice. I paired it with a loose navy blue, oversized, tribal top because I'm a fan of a deep tone on deep tone combination when I want to wear bolder colors. Green and blue low heels to counter the laziness of my top adding a little polished feel. Not to mention, the hint of green will make the blue-red ensemble more interesting. No inecessary accessories, no fuss.. utmost comfort, ultimate performance!  It' s always a fun challenge to look corporate and respectable whilst keeping it extremely functional, fashion- forward, young, and not trying too hard! They key is to play with patterns, prints, textures or color schemes to make it interesting yet polished. Never get to crazy, never scream for attention. :)

That's me taking a coffee break after the looong day of showroom and factory field-tripping.
Pretty right? HAHA.

So we took this client to a "shopping spree" at Janice Minor for things they could import and resell back in their country. We booked an appointment and  it was going to be my first time to be at their main showroom-cum-factory in Mactan. 

Allow me to take you through a quick tour. This isn't a paid ad or a promotion. In fact, we really aren't allowed to take photos in a designer's showroom so I'll just share a few. You may book an appointment with them to see the pieces in the flesh. Or catch them in one of the furniture and home accessory shows like Manila Fame and Philconstruct! :)
It's well tucked in a residential area without landmarks and with lots of bump in the road.. as most furniture and accessory factories here in Cebu. We stepped in and I was astounded step upon step, I'm not even exaggerating.  I was entranced by the mystique, artistry, and dark charm the place had. I've been to other factories and showrooms in Cebu and believe me when I say, Janice Minor is one company that is very consistent with their branding.. very sure about its aesthetics and personal identity ... the kind that does not conform but rather draws you in and convinces you of its unique beauty and makes you a believer. 

Moorish lamps have a special place in my heart! 

 Curious items like these.
 Love these lamps that have clear glass bottles of different shapes as base. :)

 Mystique chandeliers and tea light holders.
We saw this mirror frame actually being hand-made, hand-painted. It was pretty awesome. Reminds me of an Indian head dress or an African forest.
 I fancy tables with rustic-finished metal legs and roughly-cut wood or stone as top.. they're industrial and natural at the same time. Also, notice the vintage globes reminiscent of old english libraries and ships
A skull. How creepy, bad-ass and brilliant all at the same time! 
Globe made of galvanized iron
 Mirrors that make great decors for bare walls
 Again, clear glass. Can't help but connect this with the current fashion fad on acrylic clutches and plexi-glass heels :)
And of course, one of the things Janice Minor is very popular about.. ox heads!! They come in different shapes and sizes. It looks gothy at first but when placed in the right set, it can be the perfect, modern, statement accessory! Lady gaga will love this place. ;)

So there! I've always been able to pass by the old Janice Minor showroom along Talamban but when I made it to their main showroom, just like my client who ended up splurging more than I've probably spent in my entire lifetime, I was instantly made a fan. Hands and head to the ground in prostrate. With the display of artistry, matched with the mood and lighting, you will not walk out of the showroom the same. Janice Minor is no less than an artisan extraordinaire. Check out their site here.

What do you think about more design- related posts on this blog? :)
**Pants: Night market in Baguio** Top: Blind Clohing** Shoes: Ichigo 


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