Friday, June 13, 2014

What Went Down at #HYPERCEBU

A bunch of familiar faces.. Heaps of clothes to rummage from and go crazy for... loads of food to try and be adventurous about... a sea of familiar and soon-to-be-familiar faces... music accompanying the chill afternoon vibe and intense rave night.. This was how I spent my weekend 2 weeks ago at #Hypercebu

More than a melting pot of Cebuano interests (food, travel, technology, fashion, charity), I'd say it was like a hair-down acquaintance party of Cebu's youth (haha), a youthful celebration of our electric, modern culture. I could have been doing so many other things that weekend but by some twist of fate I made it and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it. So here's what went down. 

Special thanks to my fellow bloggers Jean Candice Yu, Sophia Sanchez, and the Official Hyper Page for some of the photos I'm about to share below.

 *Day One*

The entrance. Parking was quite haaaard.

Facing the Stage/ Event Area

The Cebu Fashion Bloggers booth

My booth! :)
My booth mate, Sophia! :) 
Who's also by the way, a soon-to-be architect currently doing her apprenticeship! \m/

Sophia with Jesse who's also just started blogging about men's fashion. ;) What a cute pair!

Me and Chup (what I call Sophia) with my very cute twinsie, Issa of Issaplease.
Thanks twin, for helping me out with set-up. <3

Me and Chup with, ofcourse, our superstar in the Cebu blogging community, Gillian of bydetails. <3
How this girl sarrived 6 hours prior to us and still managed to look #Hyperfresh and #hyperchic is beyond me! haha!

Us with this beautiful man responsible for gathering all of us bloggers for Hyper, Rabsin of Finlust. Haha. Thanks so much babe for accomodating us. Love youuuu.

With one of my fave food bloggers, Marco of Phil. Street Fashion and Lami Kaayo. :)

Finally met Jean of Anything Goes, welcome to CFB, Jean!  And with us was our  good common friend, Christine. <3 So sad I didn't get to snap photos with the other bloggers, hopefully next time!

Family love!
Meet my gorgeous booth assistant, Ninz and my sexy driver and cargador, Don. Hahaha :P

Cebu Fashion Bloggers holding a give-away via Bring-me game. Where else will you more than 10 blogger give-aways in one place and win it so quickly or easily?? :))

My photodump ends here. Haha. 
Sorry I didn't get to take photos of the other booths but my twinsie Issa did a really good cover of that and you can read about it in her post here :)
So, evening befell us and God knows what the place turned into. :))
I set down my booth at 9, went to the party for awhile and then pulled an all nigher at a place close by to work on something for my architecture practice, slept just a little bit in the wee hours, and headed straight to Day 2, in a polo borrowed from Buddy because I wasn't planning on manning my booth hands-on at Day 2 but changed my mind. Whew. Haha.

*Day Two*


Free hugs from Don for al my buyers. Hahha. Joke.

With Rabs again, just before set-down. Not sure if this guy even slept. I do remember buying him 3 glasses of beer the night before as he was busy crowd-controlling at the entrance gate during the rave? ;)) Beer bribes. Haha. 

                                                       With Ate Tine of Instyle Cebu. 

With my baby Scarlet and new friend Christine of XOFS. This girl practically made friends with all the booths its amazing. :))

So there! Over-all, it's been an exhausting and exhilirating weekend, no doubt. 
Thanks and congratulations to the organizers for having us, the people who came buy and shopped for a cause, and to the readers/ Blind Clothing community who dropped by and said Hi. I'm sure by now you realize how completely human and candid (and petite) I actually am. Hahaha. My love goes out to you guys! x
Shout out as well to all the friends I got to catch up with and those I got to meet! Until the next one, #hyperhalloween is brewing around the corners somewhere but that's a story for another day. ;)
Later! :)


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