Friday, June 13, 2014


What's up Cebu? Our beautiful island city just never runs out of surprises for us. After Hyper last last week, comes another event to look forward to, and it's happening TODAY. :)
In celebration of Cebu Business Month, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce launched ISLAND MADNESS SALE. A series of exciting events to boost tourism, business and consumerism for our beloved Ubec.

What I'll talk about here is the event I'll be part of, CELEBRITY + BLOGGERS FASHION AND FOOD BAZAAR! See poster above for details because I don't want to bore you, and it's happening right now as we speak. Aside from the outlet stores at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, below are the booths you'll find at the event. Isn't it exciting. Shop, meet your local bloggers and fave top Manila bloggers Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, Kryz Uy, and David Guison, and then go food trippin to your heart's content! :)

What's that? It's far away from the city? Well they got that covered. See below shuttle schedules that will take you from Ayala Center Cebu or SM City Cebu to the event venue and back FOR FREE. How convenient is that? ;) Gather the troops,  pick up your bags, and head on down to The Outlets. It'll be until tomorrow, Sunday, June 15. 

As I'm typing this I'm currently stuck at work quite frankly, in danger of not being able to make it because of work priorities. BUT! With or without me, you should definitely go. I'll be sharing the same booth with Issa Perez of Issaplease so check out her stuff as well. We're at Booth # 2 at the center aisle. I'll keep this short so you can start moving. Haha. Have fun! :) x

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