Thursday, July 10, 2014



I am a huge trousers fan. Huge. 
It gives a touch of polish you owe your clients (a sign of respect), and the comfort you owe yourself. 
Like I always like saying, these to me are corporate pajamas, cozy and liberating.
I wore this monochromatic ensemble last sunday which I spent 75% of the time in a cafe doing me time with my favorite (pasta! :) ) in the morning, meeting a client at noon, and working the rest of the afternoon in the comforts of caffeine, cool breeze and cloudy skies, Kenneth Cobonpue in sight 5 meters away, and my own solitude. 

I just came from "Rock! The Worship Concert" the night before this and though it was exhausting, I woke up early to catch up on backlogs so I basically felt as lazy as I look, thus the equally slouchy top. Pairing it with anything crisp, collared, or structured will only make that day feel like a monday. And you know it's a golden rule for me to "dress like the weekend when it's a weekend". ;)

Blush, peach, salmon, old rose.. Ever since the day I found that I could actually wear them (used to think they were only for really fair skin tones) I never stopped adoring them. They're just so soft, fresh, feminine and very flattering, like it makes you glow. It makes me want to be more refined if that even makes sense. So I did a monochromatic look using these pretty shades that day and broke it off with a brown belt that matched my low-heel sandals. Brown is a great accent to blush, so are washed denims and whites.

Really loving comfortable,  low-heeled sandals. since 2012. Haha.
They contribute so much pull a look together without demanding so much from your feet. :))
Gotta say I'm so happy this pair from Zalora came in my exact size, that seldom happens to my online shoe purchases. So happy with the very good customer service and quick hassle-free delivery, too! :)

I hope you don't mind the laid back outfits lately. In a world full of false pretenses and tight guard on self image, I'd like to remain to be my candid old self and dress for myself solely, and then allow so to reflect on what I post. What you see in this blog is what you get, and this polished but chill girl right here is me on a daily basis, with or without intents of taking that #ootd :))

Hope you're all having a great week so far!  :)

**Tank: Forever 21**Trousers: Blind Clothing*Sandals: Chloe Edit at Zalora


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