Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weekend Hustler

For private practitioners, small-scale business owners, free-lancers like myself, 5 working days a week are usually not enough. I like to pack all my errands, meetings, or site visits on saturdays when I can get driven to where I need to, move about in minimal traffic, and not get tied to office work at the furniture HQ. Nothing makes going out at night or having a good time with friends later on sweeter than knowing you had a productive week. Since I started working, I've been very possessive about my weekends getting used up for relaxation. But even still, nothing gives me more rush than knowing I maximized my saturday mornings/ early afternoons to the brim before I go out and have myself a good time.

For most days spent like this, my uniform of choice is a breezy but corporate button down, flats, and shorts. If you may imagine, replace these shorts with a skirt or pants and you have yourself some office wear. But just because its a saturday and I gotta feel the off-duty vibe SOMEHOW, we just gotta bring out the shorts. ;)

Black and white is always a life saver because it reduces my changing time to 5 minutes instead of 10 or 15. With Blanc et noir, you no longer need to think about palette. The trick with this is just pile on a good amount of variations and accents or maybe pop another color somewhere there (like in my case, gold) to turn the look from waiter/ butlery to chic, from drab to interesting. Basically, keep your eye entertained.

I've never been more convinced about the power of basics, It's getting stronger as I age. I'm talking about a good white shirt, a good pair of jeans, a black pencil/ bandage skirt, a thin gold belt, little gold accessories, black/ brown/ white low heels or flats, a beige blazer, neutral colored midriffs or inner shirts, a good timeless watch, and a good bag. And when you got that covered, the plaids and the cut-outs and the prints etc etc can come in. Basics are the key to a versatile closet that doesn't require too much bank breaking. I think a practical girl should have 70% basics, and 30% trendy pieces. That way, you wont find yourself outfit repeating too much. Trendy pieces tend to be too memorable to outfit-repeat. You'll also have a broad range of choices to mix and match whilst saving time, perfect for those girls on the go!

Man, I miss blogging.
Hoping to be able to write again here more often! 
Catch up soon! :)

** Top: Mango ** Sequined Shorts: WAGW ** Flats: Primaluxe MNL ** Bag: Parfois ** Necklace: Bazaar Find

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