Monday, March 2, 2015

Girlstuff 5-free polish, now in Cebu!

I admit. I am not a girly-girl. The best proof to this would be my nails. It's the one thing Im least proud of. While most girls like to do nail art, french tip or color their nails at the very least, I like keeping mine short and clean. It's half because I'm lazy or busy, and half because I don't like chemicals turning my nails yellow and brittle. A few months back, I met a brand that challenged that.

Girlstuff Nail Polish! :)

Girlstuff Nail Polish is and affordable 5-free polish. 5 free meaning, free from 5 harmful chemicals that are usually found in nail polish such as: Toluene, Formaldehyde, DibutylPhtalate, Camphor, and Formaldehyde- resins. They are so safe even little kids can use them!

It's imported from France and comes in a wide collection of colors and styles such as: The sophisticated collection (gel-type), textured polishes (caviar my favorite), glitter, cream jelly, matte (I just love this idea) and a whole lot more. 

Good news is, just late last year, they have arrived in Cebu! Yay!

Look at all the pretty colors and finishes!!! Drool.
We were given the chance to pick out polishes that day and I went home with 10. It was sooooo hard to choose. Tough, tough choice. I ended up choosing some neutrals because as a working professional I cant afford polishes that are too flashy.

But then again, I couldn't help it, I included a few textured ones like Caviar and Cookies and Cream, and then a metallic gold, glitter, and a matte top coat.
Sorry, dad. Sorry, corporate world. Haha.

They also carry nail art instruments and basic tools like brushes, stripping tape, stamps, decals, and a lot more.

Ranging from Php 100- 200, Girlstuff nail polish is quick-dry! This feat is so convenient especially for girls who just can't sit still like me.  I get so impatient when I sit and wait for my nails to dry, I fidget! :))  It also doesn't have that strong smell that usually emanates from harsh chemicals 

Fellow bloggers gaga over the polishes.

And these are my choices! I love my choices! :)

                    Thank you so much, Girlstuff, for having me and for my loot! :)

Check out the Girlstuff kiosk at Paseo Ciudad, at the 2nd level of Ayala Center Cebu. Like them on facebook or follow them on instagram @girlstuffforever for promos, announcements, even nail art ideas! I hope you have fun choosing them as much as we did.

On to what I wore:

As usual, my dilemma was *schedule* , I find it very hard to attend launchings and events because the work I juggle is always demanding. My day is either packed or erratic, but I just had to make time for Girlstuff-- they were so gracious in taking time to send me both e-vite and deliver an actual invite. I missed the chit-chat and merienda but made it to the actual launch somehow yay!

I came in something practical for the office but chic enough for a casual afternoon event.
Every working girl needs light-colored soft pants or trousers they can be mobile and comfortable in while looking tres- chic. I like beiges, whites and light colored-ones because it is a breath of fresh air to the normal office palette is always black, gray, and navy blue.
   Creamy neutrals and some metallics are my favorite things to pile on because they glam up a look with very little effort. A little goes a long way if you put in some balance.

Strike a balance. Find an outfit that is neat, well put-together, and doesn't beg for attention.

Lovely afternoon with my new fave polish brand and some blogger friends. Cheers to a good day!
Thanks to my twin, Issa, for taking my photos! :)

Top: StyleStaple** Pants: Stylista's Closet**Sandals: Charles and Keith

This post has been in my draft for awhile now, like monthss! It's been so hard balancing blogging with my clothing business and private architectural practice especially because things have been transitioning and going full speed lately, I long gave up on my list of backlogs. But will definitely try to make more time to write here, not for anything, just because I miss it. 

Have a good week, everyone! :)

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  1. SO happy you've decided to blog again twin!! :D Love and miss you and I'm going to hug you to death tomorrow and on Saturday!


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