Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Grind Days.

Life has been increasingly different since the last time I wrote on this blog.
So much has changed.

My lifestyle, lately I find myself lucky to be in town for even just half of the work week as I spent the other half touring project sites.
(Exhausting and lonely!! but fun! )
My daily schedule, I am now working on my own firm and dedicating my full attention on private practice as an architect.
(Very exciting, but schedules can be very erratic.)
My opinions, thoughts, preferences, palette, priorities, among others.
But one thing that hasn't changed over a century?
My affinity for effortlessly chic and comfortable dressing.


Picture this. I landed home friday evening, had the whole saturday to do everything I could do in one day because on sunday I had to leave again for an out of town shoot.
I was home for just one day, so I was definitely on vacation mode as I savoured it. But I needed to hustle at the same time otherwise the day would be put to waste.
To me, this is the outfit that translates that.

For days I'd spend without trips and meetings, (aka. personal errand days, days spend working inside coffee shops, light site visits, canvassing and purchasing materials) I basically choose to live in clothes that are made of light breezy fabric (what with the heat lately!) and functional. If I know it will limit me (or even irritate me) sometime in the day, it's a no go. I think it's very important to choose pieces that will compliment your active lifestyle and help you become your most productive self. 25 year old me now believes, more than ever, that comfort should weigh heavily with aesthetics, a balance needs to be met.  If athletes have performance wear, working girls have theirs too. ;)

The key to having a trendy twist is incorporating trends with basic.
I picked these timeless cotton trousers but in gray-white gingham pattern and this v-neck shirt but in a midriff- bearing overlap style.
Simple, but chic.
Casual. But not rugged.
Corporate, had you changed a few elements.
For the ultimate chill factor, mandals. bedhead. 
Very simple formula.

In architecture, we always say "form over function"
In fashion I'd say form with function.. function with form. 
Sure, for special occasions one can make a little compromise but when it's a regular grind day, 
one should never be without the other.  ;)

{ Top: Sabrina | Trousers: Uniqlo | Mandals: Parisian | Shades: Sunnies | Necklace: Forever 21 }


Our work on "Kairos by the Lazy Chef" was on "Sunstar Live!" earlier this month.
I'd like to thank Monica Lopez for featuring Chef Chip Lopez' culinary loft and I'd like to urge everyone to book a reservation and try out this unique food excursion where everything is vegan, always fresh and seasonal, mostly home-grown, and of course, delectable!
More about that on the blog next week! :)



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