Saturday, May 28, 2011

BLIND'S DIRTY RICH: Behind the Scenes

Photo Courtesy of Sy || Saw
 "Dirty Rich" our launching fashion editorial was finally out last Friday!
Here's a behind-the-scenes scoop:

Last May 21, three friends, my sister and I, went to shoot our very first fashion editorial for BLINDxx. The agenda was to communicate the brand's "identity" (Thanks to Ayala Land for teaching me this! haha). We wanted to do a shoot that wasn't very "fashion-y", not heavy on high-fashion styling but strong street fashion that you can actually "apply".The theme was "dirty rich", a fabulous, bad-ass girl, who is beautiful just as she doesn't care. She's fun and fierce, beautiful and effortless, strong and reckless. 

Photos by Ley Sanchez
It's funny how this shoot was a work of three people who barely knew each other. One I met at Genrev, one was my very close friend from elementary, one was my high school homie, (and one was family too haha). We all got along just perfect! I'm blessed to have a team packed with nice, fun and talented people.

Ley, Jo, Sachi
(To the venue)
Going hoooome!

Ley, the photographer was a breeze to work with. She was so game from start to finish, always game and always professional. She also thought quick when the sun disappointed us by doing a no-show that day, it affected our whole concept! Jo our MUA on the other hand is oozing with potential, this was her first "shoot" and she finished well in the car and under time pressure. haha. Sachi here is a bombshell (haha), She's not your typical skin and bones model infact she's very curvy so styling was a challenge... but she had the SPUNK that we were looking for in a model. Her attitude is a killer, and indeed it came out in the photos!

We culminated the shoot over Snack boxes and a long ride home. We've never been so exhausted yet exhilirated! (As Ninz puts it). I enjoyed everything, from conceptualizing, pre-styling, accessory hunting, directing. Here's a photo dump of the rest of the shoot! :)

the gear
acessories for the shoot

Jo and I waiting for the crew at Starbucks--Excited!

Jo working her magic

the mess at the dressing room
First Outfit. Ley and Sachi warming up
(and Ley refusing to put down her bag of camera gear! haha)
 Ley in action

there's ninz being useful 

The crew after a looooong day

View Photo spread here!
clothes used in the shoot are still available, grab them while you can!

"Pinoy this way". >:))

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