Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Clothingline On The Rise: BLINDxx

I know. I was an ugly kid. :))

When I was younger, I was my mom's barbie. 
Her, being in media and I, being the only child for about 5 years, gave mom enough time lots of it to instill a love for pretty things that match, posing cute, clothes. My clip had to match my shades, my ankle socks had to match my shirt if I wasn't wearing my high-cut black boots. 
Then Ninz, my sister, came along. She wasn't spared, we often matched infact. Of course, we were taught about simplicity, modesty, and dressing down so fashion to us was like seasons. Sometimes we play things on the down low, some days we just don't care, sometimes what we wear just becomes an ensemble,another outlet for creativity, for comfort (yes it's not just food), but most often it's about self-expression. 
Saying who you are without having to speak.

Oh yeah and now, the tables have turned and its us who style mom. :))

Now, as I turn into a working girl and Ninz, a college kid; We decided to step things up a bit. We decided to use our love for clothes into something fun, productive, and worthwhile.

Ladies and gentlemen (if any), I give you :


Photo by Ley Sanchez

Summary, Classy and Cool. These are the two C's that BLINDxx Clothing lives up to. Clothes especially chosen and styled for the fierce and fabulous. Fabric, cut, and quality worth every penny.

Coming to you this May 27, 2011. Friday. 8:00 PM.
Batch One. Don't miss it!!!

Remember what I said about not having to speak?

Know more about BLINDxx, visit:
 and check out our fashion editorial still on Friday,8 PM!:)

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