Sunday, July 17, 2011

Azul Fashion Show by Trappings Accessories

5:00 AM-wake up

8:00-10:00 AM- making report for the afternoon

10:00 AM-feeling small meeting with the admins for Cebu Business Park- IT Park  "changes"-- free snacks, so its all good. :))

2:00 PM-Friday Forum at work, reporting with Sir Jonas and the apprentices.

3:00 PM-Archt. Loyola from my almamater (USC CAFA) called me to have me send my thesis to PIA (Phil Institute of Architects) and see if it qualifies for this contest. DUE BEFORE 12MN. Urgent. Rush. EMERGENCY!  Thought cloud:  Have to re-layout and color floor plans and sections tonight.

4:00 PM- Touring around CBP with Herald and Francis, my fellow apprentices looking for things that needed quick wins. DUSTY HUMID DRIZZLING.

5:15 PM- Ninz picked me up so we could get home to get ready for "Azul Fashion Show"

6:00- Downloaded application form of the contest. Bathe. Get ready. 

8:30- Left for Formo.

Seriously. Can anyone say HECTIC????Anyhoo. After 8:30, everything else seemed perfect. My sissy and I went to Formo at BTC to attend AZUL. A denim-inspired fashion show by Trappings Accessories, a launching of Trappings' most recent collection. Our eyes feasted on the beautifully hand- crafted cuffs, bibbs, necklaces, earings from Trappings. It's truly inspiring to see something beautifully hand-made, there's that intricacy only made possible by human touch..Company was awesome too. I was also very hyped to meet new friends that night. Check out the photos below.:)

Sorry about the make-up. We suck at make-up. and time pressure didnt help either :))
Thanks to my supportive lil bro for taking this photo
just before we left for the door. :P

New friends the very nice Ate Cathy Cabahug and Joe, Ate Rishi's boyf dj who's sooo cool!
Trivia: three on this table won best-dressed! ;) and Can I just say? I was so happy to see
Junjun (Luis Quibranza) that night. The most familiar thing next to Ninz :))
Thanks so much to Ms. Mimi Sampang for inviting us. :P
Ms. Christine Fernandez rehearsing with Ms Karen Barte and Ms Ninz Sy goofing around. :))
Christine in action and bursting with energy. We cant even believe she was nervous 0.o
Love this blurry shot. reminds me of a prom.

We didnt come as photographers, gimme a break!

Designer's Call

necklaces win best pieces if you ask me. one of my favorites.


THE favorite! goodness! very intricate bib. 
There's Ms. May, owner of Trappings :)
Can you tell its my happy  place? hahaha.
finally met bloggers Eden of Chic in the tropics and Yves of Yvestyle. yay!:D

I feel mature next to the ladies :)) most of these girls literally
"manned" the show!
Posing for Philippine Street Fashion. I'm not sure
what this is for but I'm so honored to meet this guy.

Partially stolen. Either I'm clumsy or I just got shy.
XX (*wink*)

It was a great night for me and Ninz. Incase you were wondering about the contest, I got home way past 12 so I didn't get to submit, nor re layout my work and blah blah blah. I grieved my self to sleep(there were more hindrances to my entry) but I woke up happy anyway :D

That's it. TGIF. Haha. and Cheers to Trappings!:)


  1. I love your outfit and it was Marco! The one shooting you for Phil Street Fashion. Would love to meet you! I'm from Cebu too! :)

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  3. (typo above haha)

    Thanks Chyrel!:) Oh riiight. He introduce himself, Im just really forgetful. Awwe thanks so much, same here! I'm quite new here and I'd really love to get to know other bloggers. Followed you back so we can keep in touch :D

  4. hey dawn, when's your next post? followed you!


  5. Hey E. Been busy with board. will post something soon! been piling up already. and yay thaaanks. x. :)


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