Monday, August 15, 2011

board exam and all that jazz

Hello World! :D

 This blog has been painfully silent for too long! I have been very busy the past weeks due to driving classes and review classes for plumbing board. Catch-up,Yes? 

I know I'm getting a little old for driving classes, I stopped when I was in Junior high cause I bumped a shrub and payed for it when I sneaked to have classes with our driver at the reclamation area when I turned at a very high gear crossing the island into the opposite road and scared a truck driver. I have begged, argued and cried like a pussy for my parents to make me drive way back college, haha but my parents never allowed me to drive, but just recently they did (without me asking for it!) and I am ECSTATIC! :D I love my instructor too, Sir Bogie from best driving school. He's soooo nice even if i KILLED his cones :)))

my new car---NOT! hahahahah

This is the car I dream of having. :D Its a Nissan March micra 3. 
Isn't it pretty?:) I love how it reminds me of the BMW beetle and yet it's not expensive compared to other cars. It's cute and quirky and small. A lot like me! :D Originally I wanted a vintage mini- cooper. I don't think I'm getting any soon though! I'm okay with just using the ones we have now. This however is in my wish list. Hello, Santa. I hope your factory manufactures cars too coz  I'd be very willing to sew, with my own bare hands, a sock as huge as this thing!  :)) I have found a new love for sedans and small cars, they're easy to maneuver and when your engine dies in the middle of the road? It's very subtle! HAHAHAHA. guilty.

Sir Ravina's writing.

Board exam quizzes. I brought a cam just to capture this thing since we cant take them home.

Our review room. this was during our last session.

Pepay!!! (dandan)

Gail, Siao and Daren

Review class on the other hand... was a whole lot of sacrifice. It took away my weekends, giving me ZERO weekends for two months or so. Do you know how painful that is???? XD I'd often get late or absent, I felt like a really bad student. I hope I didn't annoy our teacher. If review classes recorded grades, I would've been sent to the guidance office on the first month I swear! I reaaally reaaallly need some discipline! Anyway, the exams are done. I took a leave from work 1 week before the exams to do some serious catching up with the lessons, It was a little late, but I scraped what was left at the bottom of the pan. We have to get a passing rate in all subjects, our average has to at least be above 70 and they're only taking in half of the entire board-taker population.We were the youngest in the bunch. We had review mates that ranged from engineering graduates, engineers, architects, contractors.

I hope I did fine.
I hope 1000000x that I did fine.

Please oh please oh please pick me !!! T_T

On a much brighter note. I am hanging on to one thing. God's word. In the charismatic community me and my family belong to, Elim, we have this practice they call "bible cutting" it's when we pray and ask for God's word open our personal bibles on a random page discerningly and see what God says. You'd be awed how it just strikes the chord perfectly. :)) Anyway, these were my messages, let me share them to you:

Isaiah 49:23 (two nights before board)
"Then you will know that I am the Lord, those who hope in Me will not be disappointed"

Esther 8:15-16 (the night before board, when I was having tantrums already! haha)
"Mordecai left the King's presence wearing royal garments of blue and white,a lrage crown of gold and a purple robe of fine linen. And the city of Susa held a joyous celebration. For the jews it was a time of happiness, joy, gladness and honor"

Seriously, what would you feel if you got these words of encouragement when you were at your most scared state? Is this what they mean by "walk by faith and not by sight" ? :)) Coz my sight tells me I suck. :)) I never though board exams would hit me that hard, I actually had a lot of sobbing and talking with Buddy on the phone, space-staring, and teeth-jittering. my bestie Gail felt the same too we just kept in touch with each other on the phone. Unlike any astute student, we still scanned our notes down to the final day. :)) But hey, that's how we cope. It wasn't easy, especially PLUMBING DESIGN AND INSTALLATIONS, the questions were out of this world. My other batch mates who took the board exam Pepay (Dandan) , Marlon, Gerald, Gail and I went straight to Sto Nino after every exam day. Gerald's family were devotees even if they aren't really from here so we went with him. Trust me it was consoling! :) Our battle ended with a late lunch of Grilled pork chop, halo-halo, sprinkled with worthwhile stories of our two-month adventure. :D

So, we await the results and my fingers are crossed :) AAAAAAAAAAAHH I die! XD 

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  1. super dooper out of this world bitaw ang questions, haha! =P


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