Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cozy Animal

Kimono: Forever 21
Fringe Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: July
Flats: Moy
Satchel: From Wendy

This is delayed post. I just recovered from my holiday hangover. And from this day on, I shall bombarding you with posts because I am so back. :D
I wore this to a baptism, actually. I first got that white layered dress which instantly spelled "christening" but decided I didn't want a look that was too soft as I expected all the "ninangs" to do the same so I put on this kimono (forever 21, extra large, believe it or not!) that I clinched with a thin belt and a few folds to make it look more structured. My friend Jo told me it looked very Kardashian, maybe, minus the flats and socks. Haha.
The socks, yes. My favorite part of this outfit. :))
I was looking for a pair of ballet flats socks and couldn't find any so I got weird and tried these ankle socks instead, and I liked how it gave me a bit of cozy holiday look.

Me, Wendy, Sang, Jo, and Yana (Sang's very cute adopted baby sister)
Watchalookin at, baby girl. You shouldn't even be in this photo! Haah.
Wendy's feet. One word: YUM.
(feet pani? samuka oi.)
 The Bad-Ass Couple officially a young happy family. Oh God, I am so in denial right now.  XD

Some say we sometimes look like sisters. What do you think?:))
That's my friend Jo (aka Khloe Kardashian) Isnt she gorgeous? I took this outfit shot of her.
She was right when she said we kind of unintentionally switched styles that day.
I think it's coz of my leopard print against her playfully printed pants.

Mommy Sang in a her airy midi dress.
She looks so bright and breezy it puts my outfit to shame. :))

Congratulations, Sang and Argiel.
I hope everyone had the best holidays ever! 


  1. Ka cool sa mommy oi. Kung manganak ko, mag midi dress gyud ko bah. Wishing I'll have a Miranda Kerr post baby body. Haha!


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