Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BLINDxx Creations opens on Summer 2012! :)

Exactly 10 months ago, my sister Ninz and I (out from the immense love for fashion and the cute but honest desire to make our own living) opened Blind Clothing. What has long been an amusing idea in my head turned out to be an online reality on that 27th of May 2011. It was a product of our giddy late night talks over sheets and pillows. :)

10 months, and BLINDxx has been working its own way up slowly but surely providing personally hand-picked and styled classy, wearable, trendy but timeless and affordable items that cater to any fashion forward girl's sometimes-impulsive-appetite. (Raise your hands, guilty people!)

This March, BLINDxx takes it a step further as it branch out to its own creations line. From BLINDxx picks, we introduce BLINDxx creations. BLINDxx creations carry limited edition, ready-to-wear pieces that are premium designed and sewn in-house, blind style.
Summer is every fashionista's christmas... a celebration from the most talked about in-season pastels, to the color block and print that a lot of us still can't get over. That's why it is our season of choice. 

Join us as we launch BLINDxx creations with an editorial entitled : SECRETS AT SEA
featuring the clothes from our creations line with 4 pioneering simple but flattering designs-- in different colors, with not more than 2 pieces per item. It is also with great pride and fabulous honor that we announce that this is in collaboration with our favorite young trail blazers in the local scene: Matt Aesthetic and James Canete.

As much as I was itching to post more, I can only leave you with this dear readers. :))
Straight from Matt's Screen. Love, yes?

You are invited! In sisterly lovin, Join us in the ff:

                                    -- BLOG GIVE AWAY DRAW with Ms. chicinthetropics herself Eden Villarba

-- SUMMER COLLECTION (BLINDxx creations I: Secrets at Sea )

Mad summer love to you, girls. <3

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