Sunday, March 4, 2012

Color Me Precious

Top: Thrifted (Thank You, Wendy! :P )
Skirt: Mom's vintage hidden treasures
Heels: Gibi
Belt: SM Dept Store

Talk about a really inexpensive outfit! :P Booya!

Last Sunday, while the parents were abroad, I was mom. And I tried to look the part.

Threw on this quick and fuss-free outfit where I color blocked in jewel tones.
I loooove jewel tones, especially when incorporated with drapes (not this one though) because personally I think jewel tones (like emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Saphire, etc ) have an instant elegance to them, or maybe it's just my princess frustrations. The colors are rich and dense in a way I couldn't quite explain but am very much drawn to. I remember my debut dresses when I turned 18 being purple and wine to burgundy-- royalty colors, jewel tones. :)

I think aside from the colors being the center of attention here is the silhouette of my skirt and the texture of my top that I almost did not accessorize, and I actually enjoyed the minimal feel. :))

Quick post. Have some serious writing to do.
God, help.
Goodnight, Kids!


  1. Replies
    1. I was going for ladylike/mum but I guess that's a good thing. Teehee thanks Frankie. :))

  2. bb girl that magenta skirt looks so well made.. it gives you the right curves!

    1. Riight? The thing about vintage tailored clothes. :) Missyou mommyShabss!

  3. you are so cute. i love going minimalist too, and rich jewel tones are love. i think we're soul sisters! so glad to run into another cebuana blogger, and a namesake too!

    definitely following.ΓΌ
    ♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥1

    1. Haha. Woah, thats freaky in every good way. Glad you ran into my blog, Definitely following back. <3


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