Friday, March 30, 2012

Down the stage

Corset: Promod
Trousers: Maldita
Heels: Gibi
Necklaces: Forever 21 and WE Empire

Rings: Gifted

Threw on this 5 minute ensemble when I woke up to the car's engine and my mom telling me that we're later for my little brother's graduation. As usual, I was cramming. So, aside from not being able to take a bath (not proud), what I got to pull out was an all gray outfit, and just threw on pretty little trinkets to break the monotony. (I seriously need more accessories for more choices. I'm such a thrifty blogger! Thrifty or broke? whatever suits you. Haha. )Trousers are still my go to outfit when I want to look my age (look the part, ate). Haha. I guess I'm a trousers lady-- I' wear them in any cut or shape! Its both stylish, laid back, and on the go, agree? :) Also went off to shoot for BLINDxx later... have you seen our editorial yet? :)

Congratulations, Kristoff my baby. You made me cry from the benches, big boy.


Photo dump!
(warning: unedited photos)

This gym my boss designed. I love how naturally bright and airy it is in all the right ways.
and the ceremony is so systematic and fast! :)
It was this part I got teary. When the students approached their parents for a rose and a letter.
Dammn it always works!
Eldest and Youngest. Both 4" something. =))

his best friends. Stage sisters had to force him a photo ofcourse. Awwe.

                                                                     Mr and Mrs. Smith?

Thankyou SHSJ- ADC for making him graduate! Haha!
Here's to out Future world class chef

finally we found someone to take a photo of the complete tribe.
Family <3
Something I did for him years back. It was his assignment. =))
Here's to his dreams. :)

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2 designs left! :)



  1. congrats to ur brother lil sis!!:)
    and dli ra halata ang no bath.. carry kaau ang outfit!

    1. Teehee yay thankyouu, Ate Vea!
      Manganad na nya ko ani no bath para di na ko ma late! :))
      I'll tell him you said congrats! :D

  2. Aaaawwe congratultions to your little brother!! Love love love your trousers by the way! Very lovely :)

    Kisses! xxx

    1. It wasn't easy for him, we're all happy he made it! :))
      Thanks Feliz! It's from Maldita. <3
      *sending kisses back your way

  3. Oh! Great pics :)

    I invite you to

    1. Thanks, heaven! will definitely drop by! :)


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