Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pastel Posh

Pastel Posh
Photographed by: 1up2down
Models: Victoria Ingram & Jonah Alesna of Figura Models
Hair&makeup: Dominic Roa
Styling: Yours Truly, Dawn Sy
locale: Sunday 2pm cafe
clothes: stylist's own + pieces from BLINDxx

This was the editorial I promised you from my last post! A fun shoot we did in honor of the candy hues that make the girly girl's spring-summer season extra delightful, especially euphoric. Here's to the season's much celebrated colors that make even layers of wool and blazer seem breezy. I hope you like it! Let me know your thoughts! :)

Is it just me or is the mood of the photos generally pleasant and light despite the gloomy vintage post processing? Trust me, that afternoon was just as dandy, what with the ambiance at Sunday 2pm Cafe, plus the nicest people in the world, and the best smoothies and toasts? One of the best shoots I've been to so far, atmosphere wise. :) Leaving you with some more photos! :)

Tita Etchie and Ate Issa from Figura adding lotsa laughter in the room

To my nice new friend kuya EJ of 1up2 down who just left for the US
My one man fan club of course. haha
Reuntied with HMUA Ate Domz who was once my cheer dance captain in college :P
aaand the rest of the team! that's everybody :)

Grab a copy of Sunstar today and check out Cebu's young designeres Jerrick Macasocol and Bree Esplanada's Swimwear collection: Sunsational Fun.  
It's my first time to style for the local paper so, Im quite excited about that too. Teehee.
Will post more about that next! Stay tuned! :)

DawnehBaybeh ;)


  1. Kath, congrats again! LOVE the photos! Mag photoshoot pud ko balik didto sa Sunday 2pm oi! Hahaha!

  2. Hi miss kat! I really love your style! and I so love this set too! ^___^ God bless! :)

    1. Awwe thank you, Barbeth! <3 I love your photography too, esp the latest one with Guada! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Avy. and thanks for visiting :)


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