Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunsational Fun


Sunstar Live! April 13, 2012 Issue.

I was given the privilege to style genius young designers Jerrick Macasocol and Bree Esplanada's swimsuit collection for "Sunstar Live!" . Sharing photos from the shoot that didn't make it but are equally as nice (and some even better) as those that were published. 

In this post, I'm also adding my "what  was thinking" captions just so you know Im not crazy for putting up what I put up. haha. No seriously, just thought you guys might enjoy a few summer fashion tips. I'd love to here yours too! Share them at the comment box below? :)

             Jerricks' one piece bodysuit with Bree's midi tutu skirt. Now these two, I want so badly! <3

High waist bottoms are so back. Granny's underwear has never looked so chic.
HW bottoms are said to be flattering on almost any bodytype.

Ethnicity is still here for the summer.
Its an excuse to bring out all the wooden accessories you got from your friends' trip to Bora or Baguio. Hahaha!
This is a white two piece swimsuit with rhinestones that I styled sailor-inspired.
If you want something new, try wearing a not so material-heavy boyfriend blazer over your swimsuit and sophisticate all the way! ;)

Beige and black combo is always a classy classic. Add a pop of color to it (purple as you can see) for that interesting summer touch.
Stop haunting me, one piece! :/
This is the same suit as the top used on the cover. It has bones to hold your shape together.
The neutral ensemble is given a turquoise surprise as well.
Love love this piece.

Bree's skirt when there's wind and movement
*heart shaped eyes*

Cool colors paired together and worn under the sun's heat is like a fresh splash in the pool!

Knit/ Crochet is back. Look oh so fresh and have it in neutral colors donned over bright bikinis.
Add accessories that look minty to the eyes.

Models: Karen & Scarlett of Wafer Model Philippines
Designers: Jerrick Macasocol & Bree Esplanada
Styled By: Kathrynn Dawn Sy
Hair&make-up: Ryle Young
Photographers: Dexter Maneja, Shanida Maneja & Archell Vergara of 1up2down Photography
Locale: Donna Mae Residence (Osmena Extension)

*Swimsuits and tutu skirt: designers' swimsuit collection
accessories: designer's and stylist's own


The necessary group photo :))

So there you have it! :) this shoot was so fun I didn't care much that I got a bad flu and sore throat the following day. It was worth it. This was my first time styling for the local paper and also the first time I have ever done styling with pieces given to me"on-the-spot". Haha. Hope i did everyone justice somehow, as they did a great job. I gotta thank my new loves Jerrick and Bree for this opportunity. Can't wait for their next colle! :)

Read article here! xx


  1. They're absolutely beautiful pictures! I love the flowers on the hat! xoxoxo

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