Thursday, April 5, 2012

True to the tribe

Button-down Top: Bestfinds Thriftshop
Bandage Skirt: Bubblespot
Accessories: WE Empire

Purely online brands.
Shopping online can be addicting. Sorry, wallet.
hype this look here! :)

This korean peace sign is for you, Sean! (Store owner at 2nd row left) :))

Last February, The 1up2down Photographers once again organized a fun shoot. Since I got so excited about the pegs as they were so "my element", I instantly jumped on it despite the busy week! No regrets! Also, That day I officially met the entire 1up2down team including Earl who was leaving for the states that same night. Guess what, that same day I was officially welcomed as a member/ resident stylist of the 1up2down tribe. Yay!  :) 

We shot at sunday2pm cafe. I learned about this cute place thru fellow fashion blogger and friend Chyrel. I immediately recommended it as venue partly because I wanted to see the place in person. It was sooo quirky and the owner Sean is so warm and nice. You shoud pay them a visit! :) 

Here's a comfortable outfit for an afternoon of styling 2 models with 4 outfits each. Haha. Nothing is more laid back than flats and a loose button-down. As for my simple fashion fix, I chose to color it up while staying true to my semi boho calling. I just love the prints on my top. Thanks for this, Ephraim! :)

Here's a BTS video! Will post my favorite photos soon! :)

Just had to post this. My first time to use a flash trigger. Awesome difference! Haha Thanks for letting me, Earl! :D Don't forget to check out our summer collection at BLINDxx!  Hope you're having a meaningful holy week. :)


  1. Kath, glad to know you love Sunday 2PM and I love your top! I see you're very busy with a lot of things. I'm so happy for you! =)

    1. Chyrel! I know I already told you that I miss you but.. I miss you! So good to have you back on blogger and on my page :)) Yess thanks for sharing about this place, but gotta admit the polaroids caught my attention first. the whole group loved it there. :) And thanks dear, baby steps! :)

  2. i agree with love the top! can i buy it from you?hehehe. or borrow it? LOL.

    thanks for introducing Sunday 2PM. i'll definitely check it out with Harry. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    1. Hi Ate Gizelle, thanks! Nooo will not sell, not even as wedding gift. >:) I swear I'd let you borrow anytime though haha. You should, try their caramel smoothie. Ayeee Harry <3

  3. Hi I just ran into your blog tonight , love your styling and your outfits too. I just want to ask how to get into having fashion styling as a career here in Cebu. I really love fashion styling but I don't have yet the opportunity to hone my overwhelming interest in this field. More power! I'll keep coming back from now on!

    1. Hi, thank you so much, Sigh. I appreciate it. :) With regards to fashion styling, my only tip is: get started. I started with styling for my own clothing line, BLINDxx. Thereafter, I collaborated with other photographers and companies for shoots--with or without the said brand. Cebu's fashion industry is small and closely knit, you do collabs and your work will get around most likely. Im a newbie in that too so I can only share so much. :)

      I believe fashion schools have courses for fashion styling, but right now I just learn from other sites and magazines, coupling it with my own intuition/ signature.

      I'm so glad to have you here! Hope you keep visiting. More power to you too! <3


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